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The Show Goes On

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September 21, 2012
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chefmia21's picture

adrian_ace_jack's picture

when you coming to europe particularly germany? there a lot of fans and a huge community who would like to see you!
ExTheSaint's picture

when u coming to south africa thr alot of lasers who would like to see u
ncw's picture

Also, Lu needs some merch. I don't want those crappy ebay tees
ncw's picture

What's this about a LASERS deluxe edition? What all will it have in it?
daniel_prefers_bRed's picture

k this tracklist is false because Go to Sleep is gonna be on food and liquor 2 we can do it now was just a promo for replay the series and resurrection was for the download to donate for haiti campaign
jaquezzy's picture

Army Girl will not be on his album?
Triple EM's picture

Agreed. Where is "All Black Everything"? I know that is on the CD
eeekaj's picture

Surely that isn't the tracklist mate, because I know that Sway is featuring on the Album for definite yet he isn't on your tracklist?
JASONJR1991's picture

1.Lupe Fiasco - We Are Lasers (Intro) 2.Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming 3.Lupe Fiasco - What U Want 4.Lupe Fiasco - Army Girl 5.Lupe Fiasco Ft. Matthew Santos - Shining Down 6.Lupe Fiasco - Super Lupe Rap (SLR) 7.Lupe Fiasco Ft. John Legend - Never Forget You 8.Lupe Fiasco Ft. Trey Songz - Blackout 9.Lupe Fiasco Ft. Alicia Keys - Love Letter to The Beat 10.Lupe Fiasco - Beautiful Lasers 11.Lupe Fiasco - Go To Sleep 12.Lupe Fiasco - Playing With Fire 13.Lupe Fiasco - State Crime Radio 14.Lupe Fiasco - Scream 15.Lupe Fiasco Ft. Common and Jennifer Hudson - We Can Do It Now 16.Lupe Fiasco Ft. Kenna - Resurrection 17.Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On (Outro) Lupe Fiasco - Scream
Kvujevich's picture

Seeing this REALSE DATE for lasers made my day! I'm way to anxious for his album to come out! He's king no questions asked.
Wearenotlosers's picture

so excited!
cookieS624's picture

staring at the calender has become a full time job march 8th is SO far away but its worth the wait FNF all day lupe all day LASERS all damn day
The Great American Fiasco's picture

March 8th can't come soon enough!!! Can't wait for Lasers to drop! FnF UP!!
Wali_2011's picture

I cant wait until LAsers drops! Im Lupes biggest fan!
MiracleChild's picture

Lasers is gon be dope, needs too have Beautiful Lasers on it or least release cd quality Get On It Lupe!! The Cool
Rsu's picture

DJ Famine's picture

I play this to close out all of my DJ gigs. Despite the lack exposure, people still get down to the MC of MCs
Monstar1000's picture

Yol just listen 2 Abstract Artforms while ur patiently w8in 4 LASERS. It helps!!
Dar-Ken's picture

Can't wait for Lasers
nik_2's picture

awsome as always
Zack Smith's picture

It would have been so easy to make an ignorant ass, pointless, radio "worthy" song... Instead, Lupe puts out another catchy ass song with more substance than everything else on the radio combined. Best single I've heard in a long time, by anyone. "Oakland out to Aukland". Love it.
JCutie's picture

Got it, Love it!!!
KiD KeVBo's picture

shit changes lives
Dilla613's picture

Love the Modest Mouse hook
L-U-P-ENDCHICAGO251's picture

sickest single since kick push idk wats better tho two different songs i love it tho
dano's picture

this reminds me of old Ye beats...sweet track, man! I DO wish we could get a bit more of the Food and Liquor Lupe, with the unique Neptunes beats ("I Gotcha" type stuff).
Justin Udo's picture

I believe there are two genres of music, bad and good. This is the latter
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Greatly's picture

Sallam, you the realist out there! keep doing whatchu do!


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