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The Show Goes On

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September 21, 2012
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marlon smith's picture

yo this track is refreshing shows that you can stand alone in this game crank that shit soldier boy
Scurvey's picture

The Rhyming Ape is that G-13 shit
CRM35's picture

love this song lupe the first time I heard I could'nt help but listen to it over and over. I love you music when your album comes out I'll be sure to be the first one to buy it
MentallyAdequate's picture

This track further establishes your superiority over the whole hip hop genre.....Lupe all Day!
I-AM's picture

YO! - Where can I buy Lupe's B.M.F. track at?
Jokernek's picture

I think this track helps a lot of people nowadays
luckettdorsey's picture

Are you serious!?!? Dude, You are Amazing!! This song is like a breath of fresh air. Literally! You make me proud to be among a lot of others things from the Westside! Keep it jo.
Carvelle's picture

@kay-9 i seriuosly agree wit u but i would say Lupe is confortable with dha amount of friends he got right now...Lupe is where we want him to be....the music he makes isnt made to b commercialized or heard in the club its made for us to go out and buy the albums nd buy his extra songs
Camille's picture

It is so refreshing to have rap music be on a higher plane, it helps us ppl who are professional, well respected citizens have a leg to stand on when it's time to defend true rap music as a legitimate art form. Love Lupe!!
KAY-9's picture

He's done work with Kanye, Jay-Z, Snoop, N.E.R.D./Pharrel, B.O.B., Bun B, Young Jeezy, T.I. he works with alot of people. The problem is not him it is the people he is trying to send his message too, I know we are all die hard Lupe fans here, but Dumb It Down talks about this, even if he Collaborates with someone like Waka Dash or Nikki, his message won't be well received because it doesn't talk about something ignorant about Throwing up stakes and decadent indulgence and wastrel behavior. He would have to get with people like Drake(Depending on if he does his style or the mainstream young money style), Wale, Kid Cudi(and I really hate Cudi) just so it would hit a more receptive audience. He will probably hit the same wall as Andre 3000
Carvelle's picture

@JXL i totally agree with you but i rather Lupe stay out of the whole collaberating with a mainstream rapper to get the commercialism (he doesn't need it) all he needs is us as fans to listen to him and spread his words and music through listening to it nd putting all of out friends on the W.M.D's he be spitting
tCheema's picture

If this is the sound we're gonna hear form L@sers Imma pick up a copy for sure. Lupe keep doing your thing and don't let the industry get to you
JXL's picture

Lemme preface my comment by saying Lupe Fiasco is one of the greatest representations of the English Language we have in any literary works period. Whether lyrics, prose, or even spoken word he has mastered the ability to motivate and educate while still being the picture of humility. Martin Luther King Jr. Is proudly smiling upon him. Now when it comes to the music, what if T-Pain did this hook? Not too many people in the industry have as recognizable a voice (albeit auto-tuned) as T-Pain and I think it would be a perfect way to add the commercialism he (Lupe) needs to be heard by the masses the way he deserves. I have no right to tell the man what to do and have the upmost respect for the integrity he has and authenticity of his messages and as an aspiring artist myself I know what its like to hear people suggest things. He's my inspiration and is the reason I use my own W.M.D's (Words of Mass Destruction) when flowing, but I would love to see a callabo with a mainstream artist and add some mass appeal to his music to the people who arent yet educated on how to listen to hip hop, all the While adding cred to artists like a T-Pain. I feel it would be the ultimate sign of his prowess, elevating the conscious of america and adding substance to main stream artists. Keep doing what you do Lupe, even out in a over-commercialized place like So-cal, we ALL hear you.
FLOWEH's picture

SoldierforGod28's picture

I have a lot of repsect for Lupe and his music. Not only is he extremly creative and ingenious in his lyrics but his music delievers a much greater message. He empowers others with his words and insights hope, especially in this song. He goes against most of todays mainstream hip-hop and continues to encourage children in poverty all over the world that the evils of the ghetto (violence, drugs, guns, etc ) can be overcome by education, determination and perserverance. To me it takes a real man to stand up and speak for what is needed, what is true and what is against today's social norms considered to be uncool. Lupe's music is filled with soul, struggle, pain but most importantly hope. Hope that his music can help change the lives of young children around the world. With a positive attitude anything is possible. Belief in yourself and live for yourself. Only you can hold yourself back. Attitude is the biggest assest in creating positive change and sucess and Lupe strives to envoke this attitude in his listeners. Much respect, Keep doing your thing.
Arsenalforever8's picture

Listen to the lyrics, still positive... its not talking about hoes, cars, clubs, and guns. Just cause it has a mainstream beat and would be great on the radio doesnt mean he sold out. Lasers!
orangekid's picture

did you even listen to the lyrics of the son this is in no way is him trying to attempt to go mainstream this is him rapping on a beat that samples float on and destryoing it. this is for his fans, not for mainstream
Explode's picture

You are a great artist, perhaps the best out right now, but this song reminds me of all the mainstream terrible music. Your rhymes are stretching it, and your refrain sounds like the same bland 5-6 liner that is just like everyone else's. Is there a formula to songs now? Pick 4 lines that don't say anything, two of them even use the same word to rhyme... and repeat that 8 TIMES in the song. You realize that almost 2 minutes of your 4 minute song is spent on the same 5-6 lines? I realize that sounds like a scolding, and I have no right to do that to you, but it sounds like you just did what (Record Comp. / Producer/ ???) told you to do, and it doesn't seem like this is your child. When I listen to He Say/ She Say, Hiphop Saved my Life, Dumb it Down, or Little Weapon, you're saying something in those songs. It makes me think, makes everyone think. When I listen to this, it sounds like the same generic hiphop song. Don't let yourself fall into the same category as Trey, Taio, what I feel Usher has become, Lil' Wayne, T.I., (Black Eyed Peas especially) They pump out these generic songs that get to the top of the billboards, but WE all know that they don't say anything, and they're no different than the songs they made before, or after. Standards of hip-hop have been lowered, and I just hope that you can remain out of the quicksand of shitty but popular music. We love you because you're smart and different, and you choose to tell your story. For your sake, please don't go down this road. I know that you'll be successful no matter what, and I congratulate you on all the accomplishments that you've earned. Good Luck!
antlegacy's picture

to all the people saying he sold out,it wasnt his fault-atlantic made this happen.but so crazy,beat is catchy,and lupe still goes hard!favorite song until the rest of lasers comes out! fnf up!
Demichri's picture

Lupe Lupe Lupe.....L.A.S.E.R.S! Best Album Ever! 2011 can't come soon enough! FNF Up!
Ataloss4wordz's picture

Yes.. The Show must go on! Lets get the L.A.S.E.R.S out NOW! I need that! Ha Get em' Lupe... Fire!
nighthawk14's picture

I love Modest Mouse, and for Lupe to be able to integrate "Float On" into one of his tracks and make it sound great is just awesome. It just goes to show you how talented he truly is,as well as his apparent great taste in music. I just wish more people would recognize him as one of the best rappers out there, but they're too busy listening to the garbage Lil Wayne and other 'mainstream" rappers make, it's a shame...
imireri13's picture

This is good music PERIOD!! Hip-hop and the world needs this thank you Lupe!!
figu3's picture

niice "float on" track. didn't thought it was possible to merge such a great song with a great artist.
musen9220's picture

Lupe keeps bringing that fire.. every new joint i keep saying to my self, thats the best song he made so far.. i think i have said that more than 50 times now :/ keep doing your thang lupe!!! LOVE FROM IRAQ!!!
LupeListnr's picture

Incredible. Love the Float On intro. Not a huge fan of I'm Beamin but everything else is amazing.
hugo's picture

I think the lasers album is gona go against the grain so hard that its gona create inflammation in the music atmosphere. Inflammation that even the radio is not immune to, and its all gona start with this song!
R.V's picture

im definitely gonna buy the album.....this track is crazy!!! AMAZING
pandamoneum's picture

this song is amazing! cant wait for the album!
shez's picture

cant wait 4 da new album im buyin up everything ur doin man love dat you paved da way 4 good music real leader!!!


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