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QueenAlex's picture

I Luv the song all black everything soo much
PromiseLe'AyahAdams's picture

i LOVE this album but my favorite is The Show Goes On
dangerdug65's picture

Paulie Geez GodSon's picture

LETS GET IT LASSERRZZZ we are NOT LOSERZZZ!! We're suppose to be kings and queens on this planet not slaves to a system, Fascism, Capitalism, Gotta destroy this evil system...For score and seven years ago, we the people, for the people, by the people, the anti~Christ's gotta GOOOO.... How much more of this...Evil system do we have to know? Before we rip them outta office Skull & Bones, kings and queens off their thrones...Popes and Jesuits, hidden agendas, sticks and stones... The Lord said they will do Greater things then I do,, when I go back to the Father is where we all wanna go...God Sons, Sons of God is what we all should know...When your Mother gave birth it came with an owners manual the Bible SEE! Owned and changed by the pa palsy, Infiltrated by the Hate Breed...We just lost Our way, Bird feed...No time to grieve...Ask and you Shall Receive...Goggle this? Google that? look Mom GODSPEED!....
MarkitosWay17's picture

i love this Album! i always listen to it!
IMALOSER's picture

man i love this guy he frickin rocks;) retweet if ya like it got dis on twitter
misael's picture

Lupe you never cease to amaze me and Lasers is no exception -)
RaKalid's picture

Lu, Do you ever reply on here?
Dablaise's picture

I love you so much.Your music is the best thing to ever happen to hip also makes me feel good bout ma self.Your biggest fan from africa
Miss Sonja's picture

I am revived by great music; I listen to you everyday, I attended your concert at Merriweather in Maryland drove down from Baltimore and was so inspired; wish I could have stood with you in NY. My sons introduced me to your realness and I will always be grateful. I raised some eyebrows cause I am 54 but whose counting. Miss Sonja
Jose-Medrano's picture

Hey Lupe My Name Is Jose Medrano, And i Just Wanted To Tell You That Your Music is Great, I'm only 14 and It Has Helped Me Realize Things I Would have never Realize, You Really Sing/Rap About The Truth And I Like That About You, You Have Opened My Eye's Alot! You Have Helped Me See How The Goverment Is Cheating Us, How Those Rapper's Just Rap About Women,Money And Sex, And Now I Can Really Tell They Only Do That For The Money...I Have Been Listening To You Since I Was 12 And You Really Are My Idol, I Know I'm Barely 14, But Your Music Has Really Been A Better Alternatve To Most Of The Music On The Radio....I Request Your Songs Everytimg I Can...I Have Let my Friends Listen To Some Of Your Music, And They Have Liked It To, I Really Hope You Don't Stop Making Your Music, Because I'm Sure It Has Changed Other's people's View's Too. So Once Again Thank's And Please Don't Stop Making Your Music Because I Would Really Like My Kids To Have Someone Like You To Listen To(I'm Only 14 but i'm already thinking of my future.).So Thanks...And If You Ever Have A Chance Could You Please Come Down To Houston,Texas. I Will Do Everything I Can In My Power To Go See You. So please Consider Coming.Thanks-Jose Medrano
Tania's picture

when are we getting F&L2??????????????
mimz.fiasco's picture

I'm not fan of LASERS. I effin love F&L and the Cool. Can't wait for F&L2. Anyways I love you a lot.
Juzhonn's picture

i love you lupe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B.M.S's picture

yo when u first dropped back when Lupe the killa was out i was bumpin u hard i feel off around the cool but i was pulled back into the darkness we call THE LIFE but i really sat down and listen to Lasers and it was the Light that reminded me to be myself thanks for makin wat lil real music is left out here PEACE MY BROTHER GOD BLESS U
youngm5's picture

lupe this one of your best album i definately love tracks 1 2 6 7 10 11 & 12 i actually cried on all of those songs because what you rap/sing about is what mostly happens in my life and it hurts but it inspires me to move on thanks to this album i concentrate more grades improve life improved mind improved i know if i ever have a problem i can work it out because all i think about is this album it restored me and i thank you for that lupe i knew somebody or something would come into my life and make a difference THANK YOU MY IDOL
JCutie's picture

Actually I like all the songs on here. It is different than your other albums, of course. My top 5 on this album is: #2,#5,#6,#8,#11, got to add #4. I hope your next song you put out is "Coming Up" which needs a video bc I love that song ;-D
alleexx88aa's picture

i fuckin love your songs!!!
Shelly's picture

Lupe, i personally love love this album you showed your versatility in so many different ways in this album with every record! My favorite record off the album is Out Of My Head ft Trey Songz i can listen to that song everyday... This album is HOT!! :)
UniversalSmil3's picture

Lupe, I personally appreciate your work in AND outside the studio. The words in your music are so deep. I am inspired by the truth that you speak in your songs and also in the media (Bill O'reilly). Plz keep doin you and remember " at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light."
G-ron's picture

Lupe!!!!!! I started an Organization at my University (Cal State Dominguez Hills) named Lasers...I am currently recruiting members and we're growing fast...I'm that kid you talk about in your music, I'm that ghetto kid from South Central LA that's trying to see the're an inspiration to me Lupe
message4real's picture

Mashallah you doing great brother, as a muslim brother i am very happy for your succes hamdullilah ill hope it will continue til they stop you, cuz in this world you can be wrong by being to honest ! keep your soul with you asaallam alaykum greetiings from sweden
LoneStar1stLady's picture

maaaaaaan!!!! that song with John Legend is FIIIIIIIRRREEEEE!!!!!
LoneStar1stLady's picture

This is such a great album!! you are the only artist actually saying anything!
LupeRocks's picture

Lupe u are really what we can call a TRUE man and a TRUE human being they cant buy u off with their money u deserve more respect than any of these other facker u and immortal :)!
deesteel's picture

Lupe and Ron Paul should meet, they would get along well.
winner0o1's picture

what about stereo sun???????
baller12's picture

i love words i never said. he talks about real life stuff and not bullsh*t
WeRLasers♥'s picture

Omg I love Lupe! Masterpiece! Totally buying this album....
WeRLasers♥'s picture

Who would of ever thought Lupe would be the one to speak the truth about crap goin on in this world in Words I never Said. Genius!


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