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Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

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September 21, 2012
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Amazing. Can't wait to see what else LASERS has to offer. Guaranteed nominee for album of the year I think.
Nick_3's picture

Most things I agree on. This is some true, quality shit right here.
dii's picture

Lupe just keeps getting better each time.. and he killed it with this one right here
CeeLuPe's picture

1st line straight does it
ryan23's picture

when can i buy this track ????
jaydan25's picture

lupe has turned into a god of hip hop/rap he is so strong and powerful with words! this song just makes this more apparent, if people are not storming music stores for your newest album i reckon that itunes may have some difficulty controlling how many people are downloading it! i know im gonna be one of many to get the album and then get it off itunes as well!
MontrealMan's picture

But do not diss the Tea Party Just like how they make people think Muslims are terrorists they make you think the Tea Party is racist It's the only approach they have to limit the spread of dissent To call yourself an Anarchist but so strongly oppose the largest group of people that are pro-limited-Govt. makes no sense whatsoever!!! Ron Paul 2012!!! Make the right choice You cannot vote for change when you do not change the way you vote You a spectacular artist Lupe, but plz no more hate on the Tea Party In fact this song right here.... It should be the Tea Party Anthem!
MontrealMan's picture

You amazing man!
Bizati's picture

Lasers needs to come quickkk !
RandySavage's picture

I can't find anywhere to buy this track.
Muziq Connoisseur Dame Diezil's picture

WHEN YOU LOOK ON TV ALL YOU SEE IS A BUNCH OF WHAT THE FUCKS..........LA....SERS......we patently waiting in VA.... F N F ^
Treena22's picture

Lupe is starting something crazy... that everyone needs to be apart of!
fs's picture

you've called us all out on our hypocrisy of silence. salaam.
iSubliminalMessage's picture

Man, first of all, long time fan no doubt. from chicago mayne. And I was wondering if you would even consider taking some time off to attend a (not yet fully elaborated) "Waking Up The Masses" forum here in the chi during the summer. Theres plenty of planning to do, but with you on the guest list, im sure it would attract half of chicago. This consist of speakers trying to direct some common sense into the people that might not be fully aware of whats going on with their goverment, city, country ect. This is in its roughest of stages but with some colegues of mine & social networking sites doing the wonders they do, Im sure this would be something that would develop into an instant sensation. Im planning on posting this over the weeks to see if it actually reaches you. This is from a fan who simply wants the best man for the job. And you are that. Thank you for reading if you even get thsi far. From record-setting-blizzard windy city, Im out.
KDBLyfe's picture

..........bro it was like getting hit in the gut and liking it! March 8th can't get here quick enough!!!
Lupe1FanKawaiiNative's picture

Omg... yeas now i know why my freinds n family say i remind them of lupe fiasco but a girl version... great mind thinks alike... this world has come ta an end... the news isnt even news anymore.. i love u lupe ckuz u speak THE TRUTH...CANT WAIIT TILL LASERS DROP .. I NEVER BOUGHT AN ARTIST CD BUT IM SUCH A FAN UR THE FIRST ,IVE BOUGHT ALL UR ALBUMS
minnaminor_2's picture

this is the truth,its such a relief to hear it from someone else,i'm considered insane by civil society,so this really gives me comfort
PoloFresh23's picture

Please put on itunes today! Cant wait for the album Good Job bro...
SkillsNFinesse04's picture

This song and 'Show Goes On' are shaping L.A.S.E.R.S to be a great album. Though personal preference, I hope that songs with a 'Go To Sleep'/ 'SLR' type flow/wordplay/beat are on the album as well.
Plus_Tax's picture

this song is FIRE yo!!!!!!
The Great American Fiasco's picture

This only vindicates more of buying Lasers once March 8th comes around. March 8th can't come soon enough...this song is AWESOME!!!!
Kakashi Fiasco's picture

Pretty much amazing. Ive been waiting for you to just explode like that but in my humble opinion I prefer your lyrical world play and flow over the blunt hard hitting message. It seems a little commercial too(by that I mean it would be radio play suicide for any other artist but for Lupe it is a tiny bit commercial). But man you are an inspiration.Seriously. Clearly the best in the "game" lyrically. I need to hear Kid Fiasco Im sorry but I need to hear both of the best artists in hip hop collaborate. Lupe you are the greatest(I thought I should put that in to give my amateur critique some context).
gueoryh's picture

4 minutes of epicness!! cant wait till march 8th!!
0penyoureyes's picture

simply incredible. thank you lupe! FNF UP!
Mycool Young_2's picture

Can't possibly say enough about it. Five stars.
brent_leach34's picture

This song is awesome. Much love
AdorkableKia's picture

im floored... i truly believe this song sparked something in me. i cant tell you how much i love and respect you.
sudiwater's picture

Life-altering, game-changing art. Lupe, I respect you for you do what some can only dream of -- speak the truth. I will definitely be copping this album on preorder. LASERS


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