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Tightrope (Wondamix) ft. B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco

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friend to the people's picture

yeah lupe never stops impressing
MrYoungPrince's picture

Fie Beat And Even Better Artist
oshay's picture

best rappers alive
jasonjay23mj's picture

beat is tooo sick
Theezy's picture

this beat is ridiculous
brittanie keith's picture

whenever you put these three together you automatically have a hit this hot as all get out
jakesheetz's picture

nasty beat
Koolay Smoov's picture

nice lu
audrizzel07's picture

Love diz song......all my fav artist r on this track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And watch me tightrope
Nate-FreedomImaginathan's picture

Awesome bass. Ah, that's for sho brotha. :-)
ctankj6's picture

damn lu b.o.b is a stuck up u know what.
wiz_musty's picture

oh this is dope mayn...(Y) i'm really luvin d track...
MzShutItDown84's picture

Lovin the track! Keep up the good work!
AdolfoChavez's picture

both B.O.B and LUPE kill it on this track....both my favorite artist
LASERS4LIFE's picture

Lupe, the only reason I listened to this is because you were on it!! Love your suit with LASERS on it in the music video!
bigassyellowdick's picture

this shit is gay bringing shit back from tha 60's
PDC_Cyclone's picture

This is TOO good!! I hope B.o.B and Lupe do more stuff together in the future! And include Janelle, cuz she killed it!!
FIASCO_LOVER's picture

Lupe Fiasco & B.O.B dha fuckn BEST
calmeaj's picture

Lupe, THIS IS TRUTH. I have had favorite artists before but none who touch the soul and speak truth regardless of what "they" all do... I was a huge Pac and Wayne fan forever, and still am. I used to spin their shit and every gig but after finding you, the dude who cleared my view, they seem like shadows of a desirable past, or failed attempt like good conscience that just came and went. "THIS IS THE ARTIST I HAVE WAITED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE" Is what i said. The one who is gonna change the way people think and bring back feeling and love to making ALL KINDS OF music. Build the future with the gift you have, and keep given all of us the ONE VOICE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AS TRUTH... The ONE artist that has the ducks lined up no matter what they try and cover up.. you are the best, Never stop, US FANS WILL BE YOUR VEST. thats whats up Sincerely, ME.. US -Lupe, never change what you came here to do.. your an inspiration to a lot of people and thats the truth, now get back to the booth and let loose
Knucks80's picture

Hip Hop is missing Artists!! Glad Lupe and B.o.B is around to step up!!!!
Lupe Beast Mode's picture

Lupe is just amazing =)
tonyliechty's picture

Im loveing you all.
TheeMusic's picture

This shit, this shit right here. *nods head* This is the shit.
Izay345's picture

you cant compare anyone to these guys. they killed it.
Swellylife's picture

fav rappers on this track, dey be killin shit mayne.
Skhulu's picture

Dope! funny enough my favourite gal (janelle), the person i see as the best rapper in the world (lupe) n the guy who i think has the game at the moment (B.O.B). sick track. Next tym PLS feature Blu.
DE-DO's picture

DiXie's picture

I freakin LOVE LOVE this track!!! Heavy!!!
Dabij's picture

EnigamI's picture

Dope song I got some new songs up check them if you have the time please!


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