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Shining Down

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MuslimahInTheHouse's picture

flippin awesome :D
StudioSamis's picture

I made a video to this song. But I need Lupe's permission! This is how I see the song. This music video goes out to all the soldiers who fight for us and others.
brittanie keith's picture

you got my vote on this song. its catchy and gets somones attention when the song starts playing two thumbs up
2MyStonedHearT's picture

ItsNiza's picture

I Love You . Yeahh Your The First And Probably Only Artist I Bout An Album From Because You Amazing..
wasalu farooq's picture

love the auto tune
Mycool Young_2's picture

Chess, yes baby I'm Jerry Lawler
Cee Cee's picture

I always download music online (illegally) and never in my life have i bought a song or even album until today i went out and bought LASERS!! So that shows that i think your a really cool artist and your songs have deep and meaningful messages thats why your dope and thats why i went out & bought your album today homeboy!!!
justin hines's picture

so i bought lasers and i like the cd but i'm a little disappointed that i'm beaming and shining down wasn't on the cd. so can you put out a special edition with some these tracks and maybe some more
Margarita_gv's picture

I love you Lupe. Your the best. Your my second favorite artist, sorry but Pac has always been number one. I really appreciate you and your music. And one day we will all live in peace, I know your strong Lupe. And don't ever give up. = )
Ozzy's picture

So if this song and I'm Beamin aint on LASERS how am I supposed to buy em legally? Can't use iTunes cuz I don't have a credit card
Alex Gordon's picture

Lupe, You are the only rapper in the game that is staying real, always say the truth and always say what you feel. You are an inspiration to everyone and i love every single song that you have. I cannot wait for lasers. Keep doing you and never stop
5thElement's picture

Lupe you are the realest rapper in the game, all these other fake rappers talk about the same stuff over and over again; money, drugs, sex, violence, they need to talk about stuff that actually has purpose like you do and B.o.B. My friend always tryd to get me to listen to your music and i was stuck on those fake rappers like weezy and gucci, but after listening to your music i hate the others. Stay true LUPE!!!!!!!!!
calmeaj's picture

Lupe, THIS IS TRUTH. I have had favorite artists before but none who touch the soul and speak truth regardless of what "they" all do... I was a huge Pac and Wayne fan forever, and still am. I used to spin their shit and every gig but after finding you, the dude who cleared my view, they seem like shadows of a desirable past, or failed attempt like good conscience that just came and went. "THIS IS THE ARTIST I HAVE WAITED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE" Is what i said. The one who is gonna change the way people think and bring back feeling and love to making ALL KINDS OF music. Build the future with the gift you have, and keep given all of us the ONE VOICE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AS TRUTH... The ONE artist that has the ducks lined up no matter what they try and cover up.. you are the best, Never stop, US FANS WILL BE YOUR VEST. thats whats up Sincerely, ME.. US -Lupe, never change what you came here to do.. your an inspiration to a lot of people and thats the truth, now get back to the booth and let loose
cmv's picture

lupe should do songs with matthew all the timee! ...this is the next #1 hit
cweber18's picture

lyrical genius, describes this man. intelligent, driven and aware of humanity problems across the globe. excited for lasers!
G code 3 music's picture

kid cudi, j-cole, lupe fiasco, wiz, mac miller, next superstars?
Silsila's picture

Come to San Francisco 4-22-2011
DecentDevin's picture

Wow... This should have definitely been on the original tracklist. I hope it is atleast on the bonus tracklist.
The Great American Fiasco's picture much for it being on the original tracklist. This better be a bonus track, but still....IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE ORIGINAL LASERS TRACKLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blak52's picture

I wonder what magic or karma I'd have to send out to get Lu to Texas????
blak52's picture

Crazy how this song's been on my Zune for almost a year prior to the March release! Hope the masses appreciate Lu's music as much and give this man his just due! Don't think he really cares which is even more humbling!
The Great American Fiasco's picture

This song better be on Lasers! It is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life, and possibly my favorite Lupe Fiasco track. A song this epic NEEDS to be on Lasers.
Mighty_XM's picture

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally hope this Song end up on the final release of Lasers ..... this track set OFF the hype for Lasers and set ALL the controversy out in the open. To bad no music video was made, oh well The Show Goes On i guess.
tCheema's picture

This song is so sick words can't describe the power behind it.
Damien 'Wushu child' Pettit's picture

I'm really hoping this still appears on Lasers (as well as scream, state run radio and all the others I have been watching on youtube) I love the live instrumental producing he is using and his lyrics have never been more influential.
turkfa's picture

this song is epic in many ways
DRAY white's picture

WELL IM NOT HAVIN IT NOOOOOOOOOO. This song is the start of Lupe's new revolution he comes with the hardest and most grown up sense of perspective yet its not tainted and retains its child like views some times. He is a pioneer and doesn't even have to try. Ill be happy when he can drop his album so i don't have to keep hearing "teach me how to Dougie" a thousand times on the radio. - Dravon White
hangman_2's picture

Damn...Lupe is a does he put together these lyrics so perfect....hes a beast on any beat!!!
Arsenalforever8's picture

Lupe is soooo sick this song is amazing and matthew santos is way legit!


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