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Shining Down

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mr foolish u are rite by far sir hes the shyt and has an even greater meaning *(yes im his nuts 4 this)
Mr.Foolish's picture

lupe's lyrics always blow me always trying decipher his meanings. someone who isnt a deep thinker or has sum kind of intellectual side wud never understand him. an that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to dis dude.he is the shizznit!
Bijaughn Whetstone's picture

This Song Always Makes Me Dance.......
jnwright's picture

Yeah, when will be the releasing date of the album? Lupe's music will make you chill out that is why I'm hooked up with it. Even if your riding with the beat it will make relax.
Kuristopa's picture

I can't take this anymore. is the album EVER coming? i ve been listening to the cool and food and liquor for like a year straight. it's still in my cd player half the time.
hangman_2's picture

Yo i dnt know what it is about this song but i love it.....the lyrics are great and well put together with the flow....Lupe is the MAN!!!!!
Calhoun's picture

Love this track, bump it almost every morning at my desk at work to get my day started in a positive & influential way. If you don't hark Lupe then you don't know what hip hop is. That is all.
Bro0ki3's picture

this is my song when i get up in the morning. super dope !!
6LaneDREREID's picture

Ariel.'s picture

Lupe Fiasco is THE best rapper alive. He will lyrically kill anyone out there right now. Drake & Weezy look like infants next to Lu. CANT WAIt for new album.
Gadwil's picture

The album, according to Wikipedia today, should be coming out in Mid-May.
G_Vesta's picture

This track is absolutely bananas!! I went bananas when he opened up with this song at his show in Atlantic City...
pikato's picture

pikato's picture

album release date?
Glad its Night's picture

If Lupe wanted to be on a "Jay-Z" status then he would put that kind of music out. Lupe does what he does because he believes in a different kind of hip hop and not one that worships money. His style and message that he delivers in his flow is what separates him from the Jeezys and Solja Boys of this new generation of hip hop. If his fans thinks he needs to do anything different to be trendy or follow what ignorance wants then I think Lupe would be better off just writing books. That way he wouldn't be criticized for following in his own footsteps. That's what I think anyway...
blak52's picture

Like rectums most have opinions but should check em. Mr. Santos compliments Lu, like Mary J and american anthems. I'm afraid that Jook misunder-stook that the meaning of song is in it's hook, take a time out get a second look. See.
jook_2's picture

Lupe is clearly the most talented rapper around today, but I have doubt his popularity will ever be where it should be because the masses don't understand and don't take the time to understand the meaning in your lyrics. Many artists/bands make a living off pop culture by being trendy and intellect is not a high selling point. Girls want to dance and 'pop champagne.' I think you are appreciated lupe but your skill is also your enemy. just get a few pop songs out there if you want money and jay-z type fame and your talent will then be recognized. and if not, you will be appreciated later down the road when you are out of the game and people want something more with their music. I also think this guy on this track needs to be off, he had his run at superstar, this is overdone now.
Biohazard_Bell's picture

Man his songs are always so deep its amazing =3 man hes genius
Ahnjel's picture

yo you are the best man, i love your music and all that you do, you make me read into everything that you say, and you never bore me, thank you so uch for showing me hip hop, creativity, skills, and life in every song!
G_Vesta's picture

I already bought my tickets for the show in Atlantic City... April 9th, 2010....
G_Vesta's picture

Wow! the production is on point, the Lyrics are astounding(the usual...), and the concepts are intriguing. I need more, please I want more...
SHAVY G's picture

dear lupe i happened to hear that you might quit one day. i realy don't think that it is your time. not yet too soon. there are people out here thats looks forward to each one of your albums. there might be other struggles in producing the album and you can never know if you make a differences. but i'm here to tell you that you have made a big difference to me. i write poetry. i think of one day being able to meet lupe to make a song with him to be able to put one of my verses in his song. things is i really want to but it's something that i know will prolly never happen. it's always been a dream to be able to share my thoughts with anyone out there someone to listen. i think you are in one of the greatest position a man can ask to be in. it may not seems so to you. like when you see people and you have no idea who they are but they know you. I think talent should not be wasted. you inspire me through all that i have gone through and like i would be up late night angry as a motherf***er not able to sleep and i put in a lupe fiasco album into my radio and write my self to sleep. you inspire me more than you will ever know . realistically i don't know if you ever reads these and could be wasting my time. but just thought you should know that you are not wasting your time. and i do look up in the sky sometimes when i facing my trails. i play my lupe and keep moving. it's a gift that i am jealous of and if you can keep rapping i ask you to and if it ever seems like it's not worth it. remember all those people you are affecting. look up in the sky wasalu. keep it looping. l.u.p.eMERGING
Joyce_2's picture

I am native from Augusta, Ga. I am writing to inform everyone that I am organizing a protest of the upcoming Masters Golf Tournament this year. Because of their discriminatory practices against womena and minorites I know this is a shot in the dark but I was hoping to gain the support of Lupe and the rest of THE LASERS ready to right an age old wrong of the deep south...oh and i rap too
ngore09's picture

This song is amazing. all aspects make this song great.
Fedoraura's picture

i fell in love with this song
lone lyricist's picture

this song is fire i literally got goosebumps wen i heard it..i cant stop listen to it like this is the only song i have listen to in the past 3 days
MizShuffles's picture

Made me think of my soul-mate...RIP SCOTTY....."look up in the sky"....thankyou Lupe....Not the intended outcome from such a song I'm sure. Oh so grateful and all too eager to hear the rest of the albumn. Thankyou for the music and your lyrical insight into issues that face our world today and in the examples: Little Weapon, Put you on Game and Diamonds are Forever. You are doing far too much good in this world VIA your music...Please don't let your influence be unheard. You are reaching the masses. And the masses need to hear...If only they will listen.
highonlife08's picture

shouts out to the dopest emcee of our generation
Dendio's picture

KEEP THIS ON THE ALBUM!! Its amazing and unique and only makes me want to buy the album more!! Keep it up lupe! Amazing chemisty with Matthew Santos!
princeofqueenzs's picture

i can never get tired of this song check out mi fan made video


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