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I'm Beamin

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QueenAlex's picture

This is the fyeeee song like fr
david125's picture

Wow...... I really enjoyed it!
blacroc's picture

Man ain’t it mean, strangest things you ever seen Oh, look at how they swing, would you look at how they swing? Embedded they go, no i live down low am gone by sundown, they dodging 5-0 is this how the hook goes, ive been listening for a while and this is what i made up of the hook on strange fruitation.
TheFourthMonthApril's picture

Lupe knows whats up
jendaddyloveslupe's picture

the single comes out TODAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
PrinceGafaru's picture

this song is amazing and all but when is the first single for L.A.S.E.R.S. coming out?
Lyricallyinclined's picture

i get my energy from my inner chi..
Nick Francis's picture

Tampa Bay rapper... The All City Chess team, they about to prove, when they step in the booth, they make the right moves, you got a low IQ if you not feeling this song, your the type of dude to get killed by a pawn, or jumped by a rook-e, look b, I'm like the price on the head of a bookie, I'm the wrong that makes things right, I'm the dark soul that you can't see at knight, I'm tip-toeing into the queens home, and after we bone, I'm overthrowing the king's throne, but that's what happens when you disrespect faith, life is just a chess game until its checkmate.
Malifare's picture

Toronto rapper.. All City Chess, yes, the undergrounds the best, Got the queen on a tee that's wrapped around my chest, And yeah music I am making, but the fame will not be taken, And my soul rejects everything that can be labelled mainstream, And they will not bombard me, As long as god guards me, And i be shooting bullet after bullet like a starmie, I guess, nothing less than a Spirit Bomb can harm me, the way I'm speeding hard, please hold onto rooves and ledges, And I'm muslim, so no hogs unless they're blue and in the hedges, We went from backstreet boyz 2 Men with Jagged edges, not my fault they follow everything I say just like a reverend, Can't you see that I am beaming, I'll be leaving any second, Send me up to heaven where the rivers flow with honey, And every girl is stunning, and every day is sunny, And it will never rain because there are no clouds above me, no crooked cops, the dance moves the only man that's running, uh.
Lupe_Is _the _best's picture

Dr.fumbles's picture

it been 3 years now drop the albums
jeffjulius's picture

ladykrump's picture

Lupe, I have so much respect for you. Thanks for continuing to make my and ears and I happy.
Q.D.F's picture

While the world is listening to soulja boy...its sad really...Lupe!!!!! Performance in South Africa perhaps???
CamilleStorm's picture

Lupe ur the best n u know it,,,,,,,,,
momo225's picture

it is refreshing to see young artist who still have passion for what they do and who they do it for Big up lupe!!
bdj614's picture

Lupe is the most talented underrated, overlooked artist out. I saw him at house of blues in las vegas where i live. I have seen a lot of rappers out here and he was by far the best show. He truly cares about his fans and speaks a good message. Big fan! keep it up. LASERS
jwest89's picture

Once again, Lupe proves that his lyricism is incontestable. I'm beaming is just another great track to be added to his collection. Big ups to Lupe for the Trilly and Truly collection as well... I like the fact that he actually based the clothing line off of his beliefs. Not many people bring significant ideals to clothing.
Dirtysouthkid's picture

i know he dont get as much attention as he deserve but lupe will always be one of the greatest rappers to have been around. L.A.S.E.R.S. forever!!!
Gee Brambila's picture

this song is siiiick!! i mean really ... lupe is a true lyricist!!! cannot WAIIIT for this new album!! saw lupe at the Greek with Erykah Badu ... and he rocked it
Kreemy's picture

the piano is cute
zackerytookes26's picture

yo lupe is like one of the all around greatest rappers iv seen in a while man, his rhymes are mind blowing, but he also teaches u value he shit aint sending bad message and he got killer clothing line that have manning behide it. who is fuckin with lupe. fnf up
FreeChilly's picture

Man when is lasers koming out i hope i dont die befor it do kuz iam going to be one mad dead man
Elias's picture

i cannot wait for lupe fiasco's next album and for what it has in store
Kosha's picture

iGet my energy; from my inner G!
PatriciaFiasco's picture

JRocBeatz's picture

Man That B.M.F (Building Minds Faster) Is One Of The Dopest Songs I Have Heard In A Minute. Props From A Truly Humbled Fan.
jnwright's picture

I makes groove man. This song is good to dance with your girl. Its a got a mellow beat that will make you want you girl so badly. Together with the groovy rapping. Its awesome guys.
NizzyismyVenom's picture

He's Lupe.... ... thats all there really is to say lol..... my Favorite artist of all time literally... and its not just his verball skills that makes me admire him its his whole style in General... I see that as a way to carry myself.. I call That Success..
Dice Markiss's picture

Lupe Fiasco is the fuckin best, i'm from fuckin New York n im feelin this shit.every thing he do ,you already knw he gonna kill it


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