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I'm Beamin

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ImmunisForem's picture

when is he dropping lasers?
e.LEE's picture

come back to the STL...PLEASEEEE!!!
SuperNova_2's picture

Lupe Is a Hero In The Chi, Only Cuz He Aint a Sell Out!! Like Most Of The Flakes That Are In The Industry!
StreetzOnFiya5150's picture

"And baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from? Your hurr done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you're dumb." Dayum I love that line!
zecannon's picture

for real though, you need to put out the album. you're takin too long.
magny G.'s picture

Why Is not this song in Spotify when Shining Down is? would be great to have this in my "porn" playlist ;)
Bro0ki3's picture

Beaming happens to top my list in lupe sonfs. lupe is deff my favorite artist out right now ! man !! cant wait for lasers to drop. &i loved the concert !!
Ernie32's picture

This album is gonna be the rebirth of some real hip hop, Just by listening to these samples i'm gonna say this is gonna be the hottest shit to come out the whole year LUPE!!!! NERD FOR LIFE "VIZZY ZONE"
jpmills88's picture

Is there a release date for lasers yet? i'm too ready for it
Catastrophic Castro's picture

you are the man Lupe , you go
Kinipela's picture

I'm dying for Lasers to come out! When!!!! Please come back to Utah!
John Duran's picture

spits HARD!!!
Deep's picture

Lupe fan for life. I don't know if he ever checks the site. but if you do, please take a peep at my video. I think you'll appreciate it. It was inspired your Resurrection video. Peace and much love to ya.
nevada_nerd09's picture

Gmerc1095's picture

Great song, greatest rapper alive.
pwnyurface's picture

hottest record out right now...if you love lupe then support dudes like b.o.b. and cats like j. cole...they making some hot music right now.
abar's picture

Great album!
nimo and sun-one's picture

You crazy dope....everything you drop crazy .chitown listen to our music nimo and sun-one
Ian Cole's picture
StreetSmartPolished's picture

Ally_2's picture

*LOVE* this song... Lupe, you are the best, thank you for everything.
King Cobra's picture

lasers is going to take over the game and although lupe doesnt want to be the aire, this is the year and time that jay set for him. the blueprint 3 murders everything in sight which leaves a clean slate for hip hop. also with lil wayne bein out of the picture with all of his bull***t, real rappers like lupe, B.o.B, drake, kanye and ti can set the rap game back on track. real exciting year for hip hop. eminem is also expected to drop one but one lasers drops, its all over. ive been real anxious and waiting for it to come out so people can start realizing lupe as the top 3 lyrisists of all time.
Rebel47x's picture

i love lupes music, i think its bcuz he's something different...i swear i keep playing this song back to back, keep it up lupe.
tstout87's picture

whoa guys calm down. im sure whatever the reason for the delay lupe has it covered. whatever he is cooking up im sure its gonna be crack. so just stay tuned in and check your ingrediants before you overdose on the COOL
Shaggy GoHard Gibbins's picture PLEASE LISTEN
FlowerChild24's picture

One of my favorites.
pikato's picture

even a time period, like summer '10 or ANYTHING! Just fricken keeps your fans in the loop
pikato's picture

seriously though... like it's really pissng me off...
pikato's picture

When the hell is their gonna be a release date? Its said "Album coming soon" for like 5 months. WHEN THE HELL IS SOON?


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