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I'm Beamin

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the coolest_4's picture

Me on my black man in the future shit, call me Billy Dee!
SOXX's picture

Haha i'm beamin 2 family... losers dnt beam , lasers do haha . Keep doin ur thng
BritPratt's picture

don786's picture

how come not in uk itunes???
friendofthepeople's picture

Really not finna be too over the top with these covers, eh lupe. haha.
MaRooN's picture

I think Both songs r dope i mean Lupe Fiasco is my all time favorite rapper nd i really hope he dont leave the game 2 soon Bckuz we need kommon sense rappers like him 2 educate tha youth how i wuz educated By him throught his music tha 1st 2 alBums were food 4 thought 4 me nd his mixtape joints were also so i juss kaint wait 2 hear this 1 we aint losers we are lasers
Steff23's picture

HardcoreLupeFan06's picture

haha he'll probably just one single at a time untill the whole album is out. lol. gotta love lupe tho. hes the best rapper a live. real talk. FOOD & LIQUOR!
casparian's picture

cant believe its not in uk itunes store :(
Manchild's picture

Gosteiii ! esse som é muito Bom !
dabest67's picture

nice song
cdog70810's picture

this song is a beast i cant wait till the whole album drop
Butch Crassidy's picture

"I get my energy, from my inner G/I be in outer space, but I got inner peace..." It's like Lupe took the words right out of my mouth. Keep holding down GoILL, Lupe!
baseball320's picture

a) this song is killer b) i love you c) my friend and i are going to be doing a project on you for our senior project for school and would love to interview you not to be creepy, please hit me up when ur in NYC d) obviously a good song here there is not a single song that i dont love from you
Steff23's picture

BENGALIREBEL I couldnt agree with ur 2nd comment more Lupe is amazing and is 1 of da nicest rappers 2 ever touch a mic!!!.....Lu keep makin music its what I need 2 stay motivated and Graduate college
SleepyBullet's picture

i love when the bass comes in this song it gets you zoneddd outtt
SleepyBullet's picture

LUPE ISSS MY IDDOLLL I LOOK UP TO HIM, MOST MEANINGFUL RAPPER EVER. UR AMAZING MAN!!!!! i need ur help (has nothin to do with music)
Busy's picture

just look around. i'm beamin...


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