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On a Scale of 1-10 How good is "Words I Never Said"?

The Great American Fiasco's picture
on February 01, 2011

Alright, now that everyone has had a chance to listen to the song..I think it's time to bring out our opinion about this song, I personally think it's a 10, chorus was good, beat was dope, and the lyrics are awesome as always by Lupe Fiasco.  But let me what you think.

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ampologist's picture

i give it a 30 reallist rapper ever known lupe fucking fiasco holla
hatti's picture

20! and yes I can count...STAY TRUE LUPE
CeeLuPe's picture

10, zehn, big 1 0, diez ! That first line set the mood for the song. Truth at its finest
marcus_4's picture

9 I enjoyed the song and had it on repeat the whole day. The instrumental felt a little repetitive. I cant wait for the rest world to come around and appreciate this charged statement of truth.