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whats your favorite song off THE COOL

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on November 30, 2010

personally mine is intruder alert and streets on fire love em

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Kreemy's picture

Streets On Fire
Seppy's picture

Lu the Ruler you missed Blackout haha but i like The Coolest the best i think
Carvelle's picture

my fav is the coolest but i love all of the waiting for L.A.S.E.R.S............La......Sers...FnF Up
Fable96's picture

little weapon and the die
Noa The Ruler's picture

I love every single song on the album literally, if I had to pick favorites.... Go Go Gadget Flow The Coolest Superstar Paris, Tokyo Hip-Hop Saved My Life Streets on Fire Little Weapon Dumb It Down Put You on Game Fighters Go Baby
pdwarmbold's picture

Dumb it Down and Little Weapon are my favorites but i play that album straight through, not a bad track on the whole album
ncw's picture

Streets On Fire is legit
Aotearoian's picture

So hard to pick just one... But The coolest probably
Pardo Gloom's picture

My favorite off the Cool is Dumb it Down
KoldestPotential's picture

First. xD but i would watch or the die....or the coolest....all three