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Lupe's Book Club

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on November 05, 2010

Anybody know how to get in with Lupe's new book club?

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The book club is really awesome. were currently reading our second piece of literature. Revolutianary Suicide by Huey P Newton. Theres going to be an open discussion about it this sunday at 9 EST 11/14/2010, but theres always on going discussions about the literature on the discussion board so it doesnt matter if you taken your time reading. if youre interested in reading and discussing thought provoking literature The Readers is deffinatly worth being part of. to join follow the link:!/pages/The-Readers/156466207721732
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its on twitter and on fb. twitter is #thereaders facebook is called The Readers here is the link. go out and start reading
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no but if you find out let me know