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Your Favorite Recent Lupe Song?

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    says: (10 Oct '10)

    My favorite would have to be State Run was crazy live!

    Runaway over the UNKL track is a close second.

    How about you guys?

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on October 10, 2010

My favorite would have to be State Run was crazy live!

Runaway over the UNKL track is a close second.

How about you guys?

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Starr Robhino's picture

My favorites are Coming up, Beautiful Lasers, Out of my head, and of course All Black Everything,
not losers...LASERS's picture

My favorite has got to be beautiful lasers, such a deep song.
tjohn2110's picture

oh and lu myself
tjohn2110's picture

he killed switch
hatti's picture

I heard Beautiful Lasers for the first time at Lupe's concert in Melbourne, Aust last week. It really 'hit home with me' and it is a very deep song. That's my favorite right now. #L.A.S.E.R.S
8NONO8's picture

go to sleep, streets on fire, and the coolest. I like them all honestly, thats how good his songs are.
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Laser_6's picture

i like yoga flame and his say something remix
Hiphophead04's picture

I have 2 say shining down right now. I'm lovin' the show goes on. Can't wait till tha' Lasers album drops.
Laser_7's picture

The BMF remake was very nice.
Laddnox's picture

National Anthem is awesome. Lupe+Radiohead= Eargasm
zPoooh Bear's picture

i personally love lupes angelz remix
ampologist's picture

BMF and beautiful lasers and army girl
Seppy's picture

go to sleep!
Lyricallyinclined's picture

i like that "go to sleep" and "resurrection"
hisdesciples's picture

i just realized that state run radio was an amazing song live ! ^_^
hisdesciples's picture

uhhmmmmmm too many to pick from... but it would be beautfiul lasers, yoga flame, and BMF !
bmacandcheesend's picture

stereo sun verse 1 is all we have.
JediJumpHigh's picture

Even though it's not really newish, Shining Down has been playing on my iPod quite a lot recently.
fiasco-winchester's picture

Beautiful LASERS!!!!! and Go to Sleep!
BMoran25's picture

his remix of BMF... and Yoga Flame!!! that song is ridiculous.
The Ghost's picture

Theme Music to a drive-by
Compo Fiasco 85's picture

Hip Hop Has Saved My Life. Tune
Ricardo77's picture

Got to be The Cool the story's is nuts and i like Dumb it down how it portrays the music industry clever stuff
Kevner's picture

difficult.. state run radio/stereo sun/beautiful lasers
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Soun's picture

Beautiful Lasers!!!!
dwebb3's picture

stereo sun!!!