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on September 11, 2010

'The fact that the fake Rick Ross gets a pass in Hip Hop, shows that people have NO MORALS anymore. '






They Callin me a T3RRORIST haha\



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LOL U Don't Seem To Understand Why This Is An Indirect To Lupe... Well Since Your Such A Lupe Fan, Let Me Remind You About This Post 'For real out of all the new music out right now, the only artist Lu is talking about is Rick Ross. Check out 300 SOLDIERS off the ALBERT ANASTASIA EP and be sure to cop the "TEFLON DON" Album in stores JULY 20th!!! Clip DIRECTED by: Spiff TV. Maybach Music!!! '
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u rly rly rly rly rly rly rly RLY took tht the wrong way...the real Rick Ross was a famous drug dealer...the "fake Rick Ross" he was tlkin about is the rapper who took his name inorer 2 insinuate that he used to sell drugs 2