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Lupe Fiasco Complex Magazine Interview

on September 09, 2010

Lasers, Food & Liquor II, Japanese Cartoon etc etc. Pretty good read (Kinda lengthy). Much more informative then pretty much anything that's been said the last... couple years lol. 

EDIT: I know a few people have already read it, but I didn't see it posted anywhere here so I decided to post it up.

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@ etw if this was about the masses, if this was an image constructed by his record label,if it was about getting rich,lupe/atlantic would be dropping albums every 6 months. "I love how mathew santos took shots at lupe with these 2 good quotes" ^ another lie, brought to you by your old dick sucking whore, etw take the advice form ur other thread....stfu or gtfo
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Apparently Lupe's stance on whether any more of his music gets released is "If it does it does, if it doesn't it doesn't, who cares". So that's my stance on Lupe as an artist as well... "Who Cares". Dude can let 2 and a half years+ worth of work get put on a shelf in a back room somewhere cause 1 album won't come out, that's fine. I'm hoping at some point he shows an ounce of respect for his fans or even his own music (I realize he has this superiority complex it seems. And makes rap because he thinks he's the best at it and it's so effortless for him, and not because he actually values the art or genre) And doesn't let the delayed release of a single album hold him back from putting out SOMETHING respectable while everything is moving slow and being put on hold. Something other then a half assed, "Desperate", weak attempt at a mixtape that is. If he really wanted people to hear his music, or even cared, he would find a way to put it out even if it's not thru official channels by means of an album following up Lasers. Even if it's a slow, steady drip of content until the time things get back on track. Instead of waiting 2 and a half years for a couple songs to leak, and then get bitched about because "that's not how he wanted them to come out". Anyways, it sounds like a f***ed up situation from all around. And I feel bad for dude for having to put up with it. But there are better approaches to situations like this then putting your head in the sand. Nobody seems to care anymore. And everyone ends up suffering, the fans especially. So until the time it looks like somebody finally took a legitimate interest in dudes career and music and making it work (whatever the situation may be), don't expect me to continuously follow someone and maintain that interest either.
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yeah, i just got done reading it.... 2 1/2 years!!!!! u hav got to be effin wit me it should hav came out along time ago!!!! The same goes for FNL2.... But on the serious note, how can he be so calm in the situation? man, i'd hav my mace n vasiline n sneakers..... I guess that's how we as fans know that Lu is not an ordinary rapper... Like Japanese Cartoon...TOO FYYY!!! Anyway, he's still keeping the story to himself...god knows i wanna know So I guess it would only be fair to respect his wishes, and just many backs on the wall PEACE
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i have to completely agree with aradni (hate it)
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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" Sinclair Lewis, 1935 Rules2Rule
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'but u don't know him...' well if that means that the Lupe Fiasco in 'Magazine' articles is not Wasalu... then he is a FAKER who just plays a IMAGE constructed by his record label. He actually stated that he is scared to give his real opinion, the same reason he does not involve in 'diss' tracks. He could at LEAST go back to his RIGHTIOUS KUNG FU time... ETW's been down since the dawn of Lupe Fiasco, and ETW gets threaded like shit, his real fans get ZERO, all he cares about nowadays are the masses. Compliments that he said Eid Mubarak on twitter... YAY a big step FOWARD...
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Take off that 1 eyed piece of sh*t off your avatar before you talk trash on other people how they 'don't know him'. I love how mathew santos took shots at lupe with these 2 good quotes 'it's easy to appear as a good man, much harder to actually be one. - no matter how seemingly seamless ur projected image is, ur true nature will shine thru sooner than later. then your secret's out the bag. ' lupe is the best @ telling others what to do, yet he never even listens to what others have to say. not even on his own PAGE... 'LupeFiasco: If talk is cheap, then my silence is diamonds' Laughing my 4sss/// Silence in pressence of EVIL.. is EVIL 2 RULES2RULE... and I love how he is glorifying joy division, a fcking depressed band that talks about death and shit, that scum even did suicde... WTFFFFFFFFFFFF// ok I understand you can like their musical expression, yet if it contains SHIT message, don't GLORIFY it ... RULES 2 FCKING RULE
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My bad. I meant "know about". You know what I mean.
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but u don't know him...uv read a couple of magazine articles. some of them not even as long as the one posted.
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The more I get to know Lupe the person, the more I feel like I should just stick to Lupe the rapper. How arrogant he is. Yeah he can write, he can rhyme, and he has a fanbase but it just sounds wrong hearing him talking about how great a rapper and person he is. Next time, just stick to the music. And I'm not even mad Lasers's not out. I, unlike some others, appreciate that there are other talented artists out there.
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I'll explain 2 and a 1/2 years from now.
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@wadz89 SWANG ON 'EM But this interview was much needed for the sake of a lot of things I don't feel like explaining.
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@WADZ89 Build ya Mind Faster
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I'm glad he cleared shit up, maybe his ungrateful fans will refrain from saying, 'We Want Lasers!'
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Who's this Lupe guy? New rapper or something?