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Lupe Contradicts Himself In LYRICS !! (must see)

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on August 24, 2010


'[Lupe: Chorus]
I think I'm Malcom X, Martin Luther
Add a King, add a Junior
Some bible verses, couple sunnas
An AK-47 that's a revolution!! (nigga)
Think I'm Tupac, Bob Marley
Fela Kuit, Marcus Garvey'



Nothing personal,, but spittin ish without doing ya homework looks so dumb



youPersonal Investigator/SLASH/Reporter ]]



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i dont get it
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yea i dont get it....
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Its Music if you like it listen to it, dont take it apart and try find the faults, if your gonna sit on your computer doing that telling yourself your "educating" maybe try write your own shit and get where lupe has. and i bet you dont.
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you can't expect a man to know everything about another man
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Telypathik Chaniylz aka The Observational Theorist ~*~EST~*~CIRCA~* INCEPTION of the Self Made Matrix…I AM…NewAgeNEO!!! !!!
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Oscillating Strings What a Dawn Light once brought To form Dark Energy It matters Its Matter But switch on the Light it scatters Celestial Frequencies out boom the mortal chitin & chatter The useless banter about the things that don’t matter To Matter This is the Particulate Elementals Where everything is sequential So why not lend to the experimental The tryin To decode the unconventional The writin The words of the Old Guard Seekers of the Multi-Dimensional It jus seems right So blame me I beat the Fourth Reich Don’t engage me to enrage me Lest me cast my eyes SkyWard In hopes to stay with only sight Star Light, Star Bright Makes even the Planets shine Even they satellites Machines & Moons Even my rhymes Esteem or gloom Just give me a clear night And I will assume The Nature of a Fool And continue…too. Telypathik Chaniylz aka The Observational Theorist ~*~EST~*~CIRCA~* INCEPTION of the Self Made Matrix…I AM…NewAgeNEO!!!
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I'M Going To Sleep ;')
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I don't understand. So because Martin Luther King, Jr. supported Israel 40 years ago Lupe has to support it now? And anyway, more to the point, when did Lupe say he had the exact same beliefs MLK did without fail?
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rjls23 your ignorance is going to pay a high price. how could I love 'attention', I just educate. If you have something to correct, please correct.
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yeah i was just about to put my mistake
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The line is "heavy as heaven the devil on me two tons too"
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Wow shut up no one cares... Seriously you the only one posting stuff in your own thread. You love the attention. LUPEFORLIFE and you need gtfo. "oh you think he sold his soul to the devil"? You guys sound so dumb.
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'Son remember when you fight to be free, To see things how they are, and not how you like ‘em to be' this one goes out to lupe ,
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'Some people learn from mistakes and don't repeat them, Others try to block the memories and just delete them'
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dunno, it may be in the context of superstar where usualy the price for fame is to deal with the devil
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and the devil owes me 2 tones too. do you think he sold his soul or something, i think its pretty clear but what do you think
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'And who the fuck you think buy fifty and jay albums? Who the fuck you think made snoop and dre platinum. Call up any major record label and ask them.' LMAO
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lmao 'no matter how seemingly seamless ur projected image is, ur true nature will shine thru sooner than later. then your secret's out the bag. ' love this one
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chek this out -- Matthew Santos is NOT taking subliminal shots at anybody. need to make that clear. just offering my piece of mind to a situation..damn.,00 via web Reply Retweet . @trvsbrthrs i'm not against Lupe! i want his album out too. just trying to keep it real when folks start losing perspective.,00 via web in reply to trvsbrthrs Reply Retweet . @eo_nf all good fam, someone else did the same thing couple days ago! respect.,00 via web in reply to eo_nf Reply Retweet . @Jackie_Lopez we all gotta do what we gotta do sometimes. i've walked dogs, cleaned toilets, moved furniture, served coffee, etc...,00 via web in reply to Jackie_Lopez Reply Retweet . @RichAzure and that's whats up.,00 via web in reply to RichAzure Reply Retweet . @eo_nf yo, u really need to post 26 tweets on my page bout this? already signed the damn thing.,00 via web in reply to eo_nf Reply Retweet . @RichAzure not taking shots at anyone in particular, just speaking my mind homeslice.,00 via web in reply to RichAzure Reply Retweet .Inspire_Us Waste no more time talking about great souls, become one yourself.” Marcus Aurelius 1.279.951.219.000,00 via web Retweeted by MatthewSantos and 100+ others Reply Retweet . it's easy to appear as a good man, much harder to actually be one.,00 via web Reply Retweet . love is not something u can preach. u say u stand for love yet your actions say otherwise. don't preach it, embody it.,00 via web Reply Retweet . no matter how seemingly seamless ur projected image is, ur true nature will shine thru sooner than later. then your secret's out the bag.,00 via web
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damn. what do you think of these lyrics. and the devil owes me 2 tons 2
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like I care what ignorant s**t people like you have to say ;)
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No one cares, stop trying to get attention.
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more words of modsiw of lupe *cough* *cough* ...
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also: smh puppets