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Gemstones' new Mixtape - Road To Glory

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on August 23, 2010

Cop it, he clears the air on every issue you might have with him in an emotionally raw manner. Its not his best joint but its more substantial than Enemy Of The State (no hate).



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my hood offxourse ;) so anti-puppet
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besides he got a clear straight style of lyrics wich is what lupe should try from times to times cuz them igno people don't understand lupe sometimes
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gemstones is talented ;)
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XL was my favorite track off of it. Where Would I Be was beastly/uplifting which was hands down the dopest. I enjoyed this tape.
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pretty good.
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this is dooooope. damn truthfully i could've seen this dude doing big things with FNF but if dude wasnt feeling that route anymore and had a personal religious awakening all power to him. this project is ill. definitely worth a listen.