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Lupe Fiasco's 'Food & Liquour Wins Album of the Decade

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on August 19, 2010

The article is here,


That means Lupe F&L topped off Jay Z's Blueprint! Damnnn

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^Holy crap you're the biggest idiot to ever walk to earth lol. As are 90% of the people in this thread.
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I seen this article on KY Live, good to know someone out there respects Lupe's work.. in my opinion its either this or Kanye's Graduation....cant choose
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this is debatable and i doubt lupe himself would wholeheartedly back this awarding but IMO F&L was waaay ahead of its time in terms of song concepts and execution, so much so that not alot of peeps even understood it. IMO it was much better than The Cool in terms of songwriting, structure and just substance. the abstraction of the box in The Instrumental, the personification of the 'hood in Daydreaming, saying all that "being cool" will get you is in a box in the ground and then bringing that idea to life zombified.... congrats to the album. not everyone will agree but i think its fairly deserved.
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lupe deserves that title handz down
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lol my bad, that's album of the decade... even worse.
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F&L is a terrible choise for Album of the Year.
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That statement is lol worthy.
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It's redundant though. I have a strict anti-sequel on the same album outlook. It is a better song then the original though.
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blueprint was not that amazing to me as ppl say it was
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this is so a sick album love it to death. i know the cool was amazing but food and liquor might be better but not by much lol its hrad to say. lol
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MALIK ur intitled 2 ur opinion but Kick,Push II is better than the original & is a very good story...if u've ever went hungry or felt like a ghost rollin threw life u'd understand
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Best of the decade? No. The intro and outro are not needed. Not to mention Kick, Push II or Just Might Be OK or Real.
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tooo bad Atlantic doesnt see that