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Kobe, Lebron & Lupe?

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Busy's picture
on December 20, 2009

Diss of the year? Haha!


urtan rrahmani's picture

this shit is hilarious!!!
Piotr's picture

Shouts to Drizzy, shout to Wayne Yezzy, Jeezy, Ricky, Fifty, Raekwon, Loso Gucci Mane Im not going to drop my name Sneak that message to the masses you can call me Chocolate Raindeer ;) You killing em Lupe!
xfactor's picture

LOL Awesome
katisdope's picture

ahahah! blitzen tlkn stuff! i want to see them battle too! lmao too dope.
dafranchise91's picture

hahaha o my dat was the gratesssssttttt il throw your ball on the roof come on now haha
D-TRUTH101's picture

uh-oh blitzen beefin in it wit santa!!! lmao
AK-47's picture

lool That was dope
SageInfinite's picture

That was great
Mariana_F's picture

this is EPIC.. i love it.. FNF up.
Titilope's picture

shayneroberts's picture

very funny :) you never cease to amaze me Lupe =O
no.body's picture

I'm glad the workshop finally got a shoutout. Those dudes work hard for hardly no love. lol dope stuff.
rayy_laser's picture

HAHAHA LOL.. Is that Lupe as Blitzen??
Prophecy's picture

HAHAHHAHA That's great man. DOPE!
Jamil's picture

And shoutout to the workshop. You can get the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd shot. Hahahahahaha. Throwing their ball on the roof is the ultimate sign of disrespect lol.
Ray_2's picture

That's hott.


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