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Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album

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on August 10, 2010

Lu has released a snippet of a song called "Go To Sleep" ( ). The desciption says: "A little sample from Food & Liquor II: TGARA... produced by 1500 or Nothin!".
Apparently Lu's already working on his next album!
Come on Atlantic, release Lasers =S..
What's the reason they haven't released? i read somewhere that they're trying to make it more radio friendly or sumthin?

Credits go to twebb3 for giving me the heads up on the snippet, i wasn't following the lupENDblog..

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will this album be more like lupes old stuff or like lasers? i really hope it is more like his old shit
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in this album, is he going to release a track with Eminem?
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@ENN WHY?WHY? CLOTHING CO - Listen to them in order: 1.Food and Liquor , 2.The Cool plus all the mixtapes
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hey peeps. ive never been a fan of lupe. but just cam across some his music any i kinda enjoyed listening to it. he is lyrically a monster. so ive been googling his music, but just wondered where do i start. cos food and liquor his first album and lasers yet to come. but i just found a link about food and liquor ll, now im confused....and whats the mixtape thats meant to be released this year? someone help me and guide me to the right sources..................... p.s merry Christmas to all who celebrate....
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Im"guessin "that Atlantic want him to sign one of those new deals which gives them more control then they should have. TGARA might force Lasers out... either way I'm about to be happy to get something. Right now I'm like F*ck Lasers... Atlantic is trying to get Lupe to sell his soul. I'm cool with waiting for them to release it or for him to leak it. Lasers or any album for that matter is not worth anyones soul. He is battling with something else as well. Its obvious in his music and if you listen closely The Illuminati and the all seeing eye has been carefully placed in most of his new material. Illuminati kills alot of Artist and I wouldn't be surprised if they were after him. When he performs Beautiful Lasers he talks about taking his life. What do you think he means by this? He laughs off the all seeing eye in I'm beaming and puts it on blast on the BMF jint. Read between the lines. He is trying to tell us something. If u listen to his Artist Gemstones now.. he talks about how he didn't wanna sell his soul. Smh Lasers we can not remain so blind to this.
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nooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol but i look it up its 3 n its not lup.end was cancelled forever his words
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@ ON POINT I think TGARA is a part of lup.E.N.D. so there are just 2 more after TGARA i think.. :(
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he has 3 more after laser kevner he said it in a interveiw with mtv around nov or dec of 09 i think i hope i dont his to retire bro i hope he got like 20 more albums lol uder his contract
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yea i look at his tweets as well as the blogspot...and i know rick ross wtf. lol
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even though this the official lupe fiasco site, y'all should be following keeps you updated. This site.. I mean rickross? come on..
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anybody see lu's tweets. "I dont know whats going on with Lasers...but i'm not waiting around...backs against the choice but to rip a hole in it!" I think he's referring to TGARA, since he had a 3album contract under atlantic. which is completed with lasers.
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"Go To Sleep" is better then most of the stuff I've been hearing from him lately. Even though I'm sure Lasers will still be a disappointment, this gives me confidence that his stuff Post-Lasers has the potential to be much better.
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but F&L2 is the great american rap album
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I have a funny theory. Here it goes...Ahem, you guys remember when Lupe said he'll be making one last album and it contained 3 CD's in it? Well, what if the 3 CD's were The Great American Rap Album, Food & LIquor II, and Lasers. Creating the album LupEND. I'm just saying. lol
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If Lu releases FnL2 before LASERS comes out haha... =S
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haha no prob man! were all fam here!! I remember reading that Lupe has 3 albums under Atlantic so maybe since F&L2 would technically be his 4th he can do whatever he wants with it, which is great but I still want Lasers!!! And yea i think one of the problems with Lasers was that "there wasnt enough singles on it"
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I guess you're right.. It's a good idea about the mixtapes but I don't think Lupe wants to categorize his music.. (making songs who are more mainstream friendly and making mixtape songs for his true fans..)
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i don't blame them that they are trying to make it radio friendly, why pour money into something that isn't going to do that well. he should release a mixtape with every album, so he can dumb down his lyrics but still keep his real fans happy