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on July 23, 2010


Ma duuuude is goin maaaaaad hard.


"Sometimes things just need to be said and no longer thought.."


It's about to get heated up in here. Put some feedback into it.



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Lu's doing what he wants. I wish he'd release more music too, but in the end, it's his career. Though Lu and Pro squashed the beef a couple of days ago
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Maybe their doing this just to make their fans like us to want it more, the new album. Maybe their planing something or maybe Lu is not finish with the album. They need to do some stuff. I like what your doing people, writing and singing some petition to Lu and his crew to release the album. Nice work with that guys. We want them to hear us - " WE WANT THE ALBUM TO BE RELEASE "
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Lu has been on a slow decline but all he really needs to do his drop a mixtape and Lasers has to to be worth the hype ( which is still pretty strong for me) but 2006 was his year he dropped a classic mixtapes then the classic album F&L. Where he talked about get back to rappin for Chilly , I agree also what's up with the black album ? he said lupe wrote I still love EOTS though.
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Prolyfic has it right. For the most part. I'm not much for the "make hits" stuff, but for the most part what he's saying is logical. He did have the backing, the support to do more, and honestly I've felt like he's just been on the decline since F&L. He owned 2006 with all his mixtapes then his album, then a bunch of features, then 1 year later another album and some features... and then what... an abyss. And then it became gay high fashion, this lame emo rock & rebel mentality. It's just wack. Come back down to earth dude...
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fuck you site. i wrote out a reply and it didnt submit. fuck you
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Prolyfic making some points I must say
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bump cause yall sleeeeeeeeping... bring out the real fans.