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This and many other adventures on LUPE.N.D.

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on July 22, 2010

At the end of gotta eat  lupe fiasco said part two would be on lupend but now that lasers is droppin wahts he finna do? put it on lupend or move it to lasers

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LupEND was done and slated to be released as a triple album, but Atlantic wouldn't let him release it the way he wanted, so Lasers and The Great American Rap Album was conceived and LupEND was put on the backburner. Lu posted on his blog awhile back that "LupEND will come after the liberation" or something to that effect... which I'm guessing means it'll come when he gets out of his contract with Atlantic and can put out his album the way he wants to.
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I don't know also man. I hope that ti would go well. Hope lasers would be releasing their album soon. Its really a good news if they set a date. Please LUPE make a release date! Your fans are still waiting for the new album.