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***Urgent: Our chance to help RELEASE LASERS**** (no this isn't spam)

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on July 21, 2010


Sign the petition, we need 10k to get an official rep. to consider it. Jhamal Harris did his part... Have you? After all these years of delay after delay and delay. We The People have a chance to punch Atlantic Records right in the mouth for all the customer dissatisfaction. FNF UP.

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i really hope atlantic was serious
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@JNWRIGHT ..... are you serious, are you not looking at the site?? Of course it worked!! Why do you think Lupe released BMF Freestyle, CNN even tapped into it, He went on MTV news, A UK reporter had an interview with him about it and Atlantic recently posted 'Lasers is comin soon Folks!!' Pay attention... I'm Flagging your comment btw..
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Is this for real???...I like to be part of this petition. we should do this in order for us to be heard. Lu's crew are just ignoring our post in here. We're all looking forward and hoping for the release of LASERS and then nothing's happening. I think if we wouldn't make a voice and do a petition like this our waiting would still continues. I hope this petition would work. People please help us too..
AnonymousG's picture there's a list and what not, Crooked I, Big Boi, Big Sean, Bam, and Lil Flip all retweeted about it too. Feel free to call Atlantic anytime :)
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Yea Richard noticed the spelling errors a little too late, so we just said fuck it lol. And we got 7500+ signees in only 1 and a 1/2 days, 10k is the goal. Twista, B.o.B., and Lupe himself retweeted it and a bunch of other sites decided to blog about it. Some major some small time but notoriety nonetheless. BTW Ian check your profile's comments >:)
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Petitions are worthless.
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already did...this better work =)
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I see spell errors. lol
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is it fine if i post this on facebook and such?
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Im all for it..!
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Sign or Die