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Lupe Fiasco VS. Lil Wanye

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on June 23, 2010

Lupe or lil weezy whos better

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Thugnificent is better than lupe and wayne he has hit songs like Dick riding obama booty but cheeks stomp em in the nuts!v=REVl4skqqUg&feature=related eff grandad!v=bENyNS65y8E&feature=related
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Lupe's fireman(acutally called yoga flame) twilight zone at least lupe has never gotten killed on his own songs
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Wayne's best songs are Georgia Bush and I Feel Like Dying. Hollywood Divorce has one of his best verses too.
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This is a 3 part test I use in almost every Lupe Vs Wayne argument... (I should make a video of this and just link people from now on.) Lupe VS Wayne - The Final Exam This entire test must be used to finally squash all internet or real life debates about Lupe Vs Wayne. This test analyzes both artists lyricism, flow, and "beat killagery", etc. Part One In this part of the exam we will analyze both artists Lyricism and Beat Killagery with both artists rapping over Wayne's own "Fireman" song/beat. Lil Wayne's Fireman: Lupe Fiasco's Yoga Flame: Choose your victor: Wayne or Lupe Part 2 In this part of the exam we will analyze both artists rapping ability while they are both rapping in Fall Out Boy's - Arms Race remix. (Special props to Travis =D) (P.S. Lupe and Wayne are at the end of the song sadly, but feel free to listen to the whole song). Arms Race Remix: Choose your victor: Wayne or Lupe Part 3 This section is probably the most subjective of three. In this section we will analyze each artists shock and awe effect, a.k.a the "smh DAYUM" effect", on their audience. Whether it be through lyricism, flow, speed (yeah some people go for that), it doesnt matter. The catch is that the beat does not matter whatsoever and you can also substitute whatever song you like because A.) I'm not a Wayne fan so I can't be a reliable source for said song B.) Some people may disagree with my Wayne and or/ Lupe choice and they may feel cheated. My choices will be Wayne's Drop the World (again feel free to change it, BECAUSE I DO NOT LISTEN TO LIL WAYNE) and Lupe's Twilight Zone (again feel free to change it). Lil Wayne's Drop the World: Lupe's Twilight Zone: Pick your victor: Wayne or Lupe P.S. props to 4ziatic for uploading Lupe's Yoga Flame lol.
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i don't kiss my dad in the lips
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i would rather listen to cartoon lyrics then him talking about having so many toilets he could poop all day. if you don't believe me that he kissed his pappi. go to 3:53
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It's the fact that he's REFERENCING A CARTOON SHOW FOR 3 YEAR OLDS... And obviously he's talking about T.I., the lines just straight up don't rhyme at all....... You act like you mad above niggas (lu is only great for people who understand him) and then you go and say stupid shit like weezy kisses his father. Mad immature and mad ignorant. Out.
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lu is only great for people who understand him. Lil wayne is on 1+1=2. Lu is on Trig. I don't want to "step my game up" im fine were im at.
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Your telling me to open my eyes when you listen to a kid who kisses his father. I author like DW's brother, he is talking about the cartoon Arthur, its called wordplay. I think with the I tip the scales like the king.... i think hes talking about T.I. higher than height
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@@LUPEFORLIFE WOWW SMFHH "I author like DW's brother, like a hustler" .... All of "He Say, She Say", HE SAYS THE SAME EXACT THING OVER AND OVER FOR FUCKS SAKE "I be in the stu like I'm a bird too, but I just fly, like a bird do, I doo doo on the birds man I'm high enough to do" .................. "That's how far ahead of da game they are, scissor beats paper, plane take car..." ...... "I'm about my green like string beans" REALLY I THOUGHT STUPID ASS PUNCHLINES IS THE REASON YALL HATE WEEZY FOR?? #WACKTIMESAMILLION. "I tip the scales like the king of the south, forgot that I was fat, I lost my way, but now I'm back, looking for the shade I sought" DO YOU REALIZE THIS SHIT DOESNT EVEN FUCKING RHYME!!.... "I’m red hot chilli, I’m Anthony Kiedis, My spirit smells teenage" I'm not even... AND I COULD KEEP ON GOING BRO...DON'T EVEN MAKE ME BRING THIS IN HERE LUPE ISNT THAT GREAT...I LIKE HIM THATS WHY I COME HERE BUT OPEN YOUR EYES MAN AND JUST STEP YOUR GAME UP. Lil Wayne > Lupe. Over.
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Stfu. And Gtfo.
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get the F*** out of here 4Ziatic. "Higher then height"- Lil Dwayne, enough said. Can you even find one bad Lupe line thats not a chorus
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obv weezy are you stupid or something go listen to tha dedication 2 nigga, then listen to this fuckin rims and tims like are u serious my son da fuck is dat shit mah nigg gucci betta than this clown ass corny skateboard rapper always actin like he betta than us shinin on us and shit dat kinda attitude wud get u killed out here. rep chi to da fullest but fuck lupe kanye and lil wayne will alwys be better 1000x get at me LOSERS
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@LM_WFC haha
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see this is what happens when you put piramid with an eye in your clip.... brainwashed consumer puppets.. who do what their told... be igno all the way...
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How dare? I'll make you have a heart attack: lupe or gucci man? there, I did it
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Wow!!! How dare you compare lil wayne to lu.