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Dead Prez-Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz mixtape for FREE

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on June 22, 2010

Get it now on their own website


I am listening now, and loving it. Peace all

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@KXG33, I posted this the day it came out on THEIR WEBSITE. 3 weeks ago, not even a month. The songs were out for months, but Dead Prez themselves released it on their website the day I posted this. Stop talking about what you don't know.
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this came out like months ago....
Lm_wfc's picture BLEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRGHHH. I'm now not downloading, after DP gave permission fro this to hit the airwaves. You should all be thankful americas behind on music scenes and has escaped dubstep for now.
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I have never heard dead prez hip hop in a club. I'll hijak the decks one day.
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WHAT?!@!?!?!?! Downloading right now... BTW I've seen Nas two days ago and he was mega-dope... His Dj played Dead Prez - Hip Hop before he arrived on the stage lol
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I like it, i wish there was a version that dosn't have someone yelling gangster
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Ode to Illmatic was aiight. I'll be honest though, it's probably not something I'd listen to twice. It's pretty cool as a tape to pay homage but, Fash uses too much of Nas flows / rhymes for it to be original or creative enough to get much praise from me. Plus it's almost impossible to outdo anything Nas did on that album so it was kind of a lost cause in the first place.
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i'll give it a listen when i get round, listening to fash' ode to illmatic atm.
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I heard about this, need to check it out.
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OH SHIT new DEAD PREZ!! you guys are sleepin.. dead prez is the perfect blend of lyricism and politically charged lyrics.. maybe a lil too radical for some ppl, but i dig it. didnt know this was out, thx