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Why do you guys think Atlanta Records wont release Lasers?

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on June 14, 2010

I personally think that Atlanta tried to get Lupe to "Dumb down" his music and he was like fuck that, and now Atlanta is fuckin with him because they know that after this album he can FINALLY leave...what do you guys think?

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they did this ish with my dude saigon too. his album greatest story never told has supposed to come out for like 4 years now, apparently he almost got in a fistfight with the atlantic president about it and was damn close to retiring from music all together after how frustrated he was at his record label.
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Well, Tightrope Wondamix just aired on also aired on MTV Jams like 2 times within this week...Possibly that'll be the collabo. single to help promote his album. Since 'I'm Beamin' had to be a Street Single and all...Which is just an outrage..
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Yeah - I think the secret organisation running the world are the reason too, if I were them I'd be piling all my resources into delaying a semi famous rappers album.
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and i can tell ya, my hype for this album is gone. im sick of waiting -.-
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lol lupe not illumaniti nice joke.
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Now I think it's not finished, all they care about is money, so why not release it now?
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I think that its because of the extended list of artists part of the label puttin out albums and Lupe being real and not illumaniti gotta be last
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True. Then people would start saying that he sold out
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If we get used to his music, he'd raise the bar so high we will find it hard to appreciate anything else they put out. Bad for business. It's like HP releasing a mega-processor and then reverting back to the old stuff.
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yea, im happy his fan base is getting bigger, but i think your right, the hype will be gone...i heard him say something about the end of August
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I think that they are doing it because they know his fan base is getting bigger, and they want to sell it when he has the most, but by then the hype is gona be gone