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Besides Lasers, what are some other albums soon to drop that ya'll are highly anticipating?

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on June 10, 2010

And what have ya'll been bumping on replay lately? Old or new

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check this site it recommends an album everyday. i can guarantee you haven't heard 99% of them so does it matter if they're brand new out?
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Yea I heard Recovery leaked already and heard it was simply delightful ;D And who the %!(& jive turkey is Lowkey?? And I doubt it'd top Reflection Eternal's joint, orrr NaS & Damien Marley's Distant Relatives, or even Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid (whom I believe is one of the best of the year so far along with the latters). Respectively. Jay Electronica needs to drop something also to add to this "wonderful year in Hip Hop"
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recory is out -check the slighlty less legal corners of the interenet its sick
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MOTM: The Legend of Mr Rager - Kid Cudi Recovery - Eminem These r gonna b sick cant wait for lasers also.
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Really been waiting for Lupe but besides from Lasers, we got Kanye with Goodass Job, Kid Cudi with the sequel to Man on the Moon: The Gaurdians which is Man on the Moon: The Legend of the Mr, Rager, and Drake with Thank Me Later. There is alot of god music for the summer thank the lord!!!!!