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Lupe Fiasco Illuminati...?

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    says: (06 Jun '10)

    Can someone just throw it out for me please? is he Yes or No? i saw it in im beaming music video. if he is, then idc how good lupe is, im done with him.

weRn0tL0zers's picture
on June 06, 2010

Can someone just throw it out for me please? is he Yes or No? i saw it in im beaming music video. if he is, then idc how good lupe is, im done with him.

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lol /face-palm
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"" Listen closely to what 2pac says. All right so my take on all of this.....I am suspicious of everyone and everything and you've gotta be. BUT: Jay-Z is playing up all of this illuminati symbolism because it's getting everyone hyped and paying attention to his moves. Lupe Fiasco has talent......all the way back to the old mix tapes(could we please stop calling them tapes soon?) and you don't get that alphabet soup brain from signing a paper or taking an oath.
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Lupe has been my favorite rapper since he came out and I've heard a lot of his material, trust me he is not down with Jay-Z and Illuminati. Listen to the 2nd verse on his Popular Demand freestyle when he says "I don't want the throne I want the helicopter rocking chair; Jay gave me a co-sign like I was rocawear but be clear im not the heir(air): i'm the water, fire, and the Earth, meaning I do dirt spit flames and quench thirst, PLUS THE REAL GOD HAS BEEN ON MY SIDE SINCE BIRTH. He's clearly speaking against Jay-Z and following him, and in a lot of other songs he speaks out against certain other things like the media and industry. If there's any rapper not in Illuminati it's Lupe, and of course Immortal Technique.
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First let me give Lupe a big round of applause for fooling over half of his biggest fans! Congrats! At 5 something this morning me and my bf ran slipped and fell into the official video for "I'm Beaming" and iMust say that iWas shocked and appalled at what iSaw....Lupe tsk tsk tsk iAm so disappointed in you....iCried when iSaw the betrayal that he put forth...Lupe iWas one of your biggest fans...So sad Lupe iKnow iSpeak for all your fans when iSay iThought you were better than that....SMH....Such good talent going to waste....Signed, A former fan
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Regardless, we support them in our every day lives whether you acknowledge it or not. What you are asking I believe is did he sell his soul to them am I right? I can't really answer on that with fact but seeing that his track record promotes positivity (no need to list songs seeing as almost all have a positive message) and the many dangers of drugs, rape, homicide, genocide, disease, and even the illuminati's negative influence indirectly (Dumb It Down, Put You On Game, etc.) You can also listen to some interviews he's been in and see how he talks about how he chose to go left when alot of others chose to go right (in the industry). In one interview with Tavis Smiley, he said even Jay-Z(an obvious member) told him to not go in the route he took to success, take his own path and be the exception. This was probably said when Lupe was unaware of how deeply rooted evil was in the industry as he said he was confused on the reason at the time. But, I believe he is now aware on it.
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The Illuminati's intentions are to enlighten the world through science and understanding of the universe, as opposed to religious which invoking a New World Order,since the current world is based on relgious principals & morals...this is my understanding of them anyway. The only way that you can look at the illuminati as good or through your own ideals.Wether you're religous or not... In this context it is hard to say wether Lupe is illuminati or not..since he is extremely religous as mentioned in quite alot of his songs.. Either way Lupe is an amazing artist & his beliefs should not influence wether you listen to his music or not..since he doesnt really impose his beliefs onto his listeners.
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No, and there are ways of verifying this without asking him.
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No one knows for sure and just leave it at that until some more news about it show up or just ask him yourself by getting in touch with him, if possible.
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Didn't you know that everyone is in the Illuminati? Your parents are, your friends are, even you are, and you don't even know it. I'm saying this because your basis for appreciating his work should not be swayed by whether or not he is.