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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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sebbeki's picture

what kind of food do you eat how does it affect you what kind of commercials do you see how does it affect you we are all walking around being influenced and indoctrinated what is reallity and who we are. thanks LUPE for being in such a position that you cAN OPEN UP PEOPLES EYES HOPEFULLY SO THEY CAN WAKE UP AND YOU FOR DOING SO I THANK YOU
MinatoLASERS's picture

man lupe your lyrics are so soul touching man and i love your music wanna let you know you're an awesome rapper
Republican Rocks's picture

We are Republican Rocks - a group geared towards delivering a focused conservative message through new media specifically for the 18-29 year old demographic - based out of Virginia Beach - would love to speak with Lupe about our organization. We need powerful young voices. Please contact at Thank you.
Pastor Elebee's picture

Call me when you get to the ATL I'LL pick you and the crew up. Peace
lupe5's picture

come to connecticut!
Sarah Bell's picture

Hi there are pictures of me that I deleted from this website but they are showing up on google search ! is there anyway you guys can remove them completely please and thankyou
Timmah's picture

Lupe, I just heard your song "Words I Never Said." Lupe, you are rapping Ron Paul 's platform. Bring the troops home! Don't waste your vote if this is really how you feel. Research, support and VOTE RON PAUL 2012!! I've since liked you on facebook and created an account here. Your voice is being heard and can lead a real revolution taking place right now!
fhamptonfact's picture

wus up lupe, this iz yo fellow God King, Keep excelling in life moving forward, we from the same soil the westside, i hale from chgo waller, cicero+gladys which i call it las vegas cauze the do2e neva stps. This somewut of a difficult game to play, even harder cauze we hav to decipher who's really 4 the people, but i can say this if we all unite with the same thought process of ur self we can utilize our true strengths. By the Great not late cauze he's still here wit us i feel his spirt on the same block in which he wuz asassinated CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON "if we dont stand fight for freedom,equality,respect,humanity ur already dead" Peace n' Blessins to ya brotha Ride a Die............
LupeSweden's picture

Eid Mubarak Lupe!!
Hakeem's picture

Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, i just want you to know that your not alone in this world we live in. I know your making a change for the good bro even if its a fraction at a time and i know this because i'm one of the people that you helped open their eyes and ears and helped understand the truth about today's society, i know your music gives you a limitation to talk about certain things in certain ways. i would really appreciate meeting you in person to talk to you about what the world has come to and a WHOLE lot more. you may not know my voice, you may not know my looks, but you should know that the both of us and more are fighting for change in today's world and for the rest of the world to wake up and see the truth of these invisible bars we live behind. Peace, Love, And Knowing Much Love Bro- Zackary Thomas Parson
EZ's picture

Dude I love your music man! Hard shit! but LASERS is's good, very good but very different truth?? i had to grow to like it...but i cant compare none of 'em to SUNSHINE or GO GO GADGET FLOW it's aiiight though! still love ya man! #nohomo
Jamesmmm's picture

The business of war is one that requires, That they look to the masses for many new hires, And train them to kill with a nod and a wink, So they’ll never be able to sit and just think! Cause they’ll be dodging the bullets and curses and lies, And yes even those good old American Pies, Hey we always thought that we were the aces, And that the pies could be eaten, not thrown in the faces, But those pies are stuffed full of tanks, bombs and rockets, Bought with the money that should be in our pockets! Now if makers of the wars seem painstakingly slow, To send their children, why should anyone go? Write up a petition! Get those lawmakers to care, Tell them we’ll be sending their kids if they dare To perpetuate these wars- we have no other choice Obama's children to Iraq? Now we have a voice! So we say, “SHALOM” and LOVE as the true revolution, We’re proposing this final and solitary solution, Inner obedience, and caring for others, Always giving to sisters and brothers! BY: James Mansfield--keep trying to make contact they hate me for this poem! 212-929-2268 Hope you like it--there's alot more PS: you got it right about terror in the USA!
Aidan Vigliotti's picture

Can you play at the PNC art center in NJ i really want to see you perform
Proud American's picture

Did ya see fiasco's commentary about our Country and President, calling our country and president a terrorist? Calling our military terrorists??, well I will no longer purchase anything from or affiliated with Atlantic records again, and Im smashing my Lupe Fiasco CD, deleting my downloads and will refuse to watch, listen to anything done by him again, and Im spreading the word.
Adrenaline's picture

Hey Lupe, I know you don't read these comments, but I'm gonna take a chance and say this anyway. I've listened to Food and Liquor and The Cool over and over again, and I even have a playlist devoted to the story of Michael History (Childhood to death of course) and I can help it! The story is so absorbing and touching and beautiful! I relate so much to Michael History, and The Coolest and Superstar have almost brought me to tears. What I'm trying to say is, it's a perfect tragedy. A lot of albums have been made into broadway musicals, and I can't tell you how incredible a Lupe Fiasco's The Cool musical would be. I really hope you consider it, (and that you consider me for Matthew Santos' parts) Peace, and much love to you.
Tahir's picture check it out wat do u think?
Vez3000's picture

This track right here.. Damn dude, this is just on another level.... This album has not left my CD Shuttle since I got it.... Ps: You must come to South Africa, I know your Show will be Sold out...
ssyx's picture

Lupe's message and ideas seem similar to ours, we would love to have him on board at
Flurk's picture

Hey don't know if this is the right way but i only signed up just to give my shout out to lupe ... and a big up for keeping it real ! saw this movie even got angry at the news people ... like lupe said on the vid power to the people and power to lupe ... never try to make your point through the media it's the 1 thing that's totally controlled in the world by the hierarchy can controll ... work through the people ... start at the bottem what you already know .. but just wanted to say all the love from here to you wish i could help you against the wars of ignorence and their pushers peace out ...
Nige's picture

Lupe your music is awesome and inspirational, lasers is mean !! When are you going to come to New Zealand ?
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Tim's picture

Thanks for everything Lupe! You are an inspiration to myself as well as many others in an innumerable amount of ways. Thank you again and keep us all posted!
constrictor's picture

Lupe! You're saying the words no one else has been able to say! People like me will have your back to the very end, keep speaking your mind and driving this musical enlightenment!
Chrisv65's picture

The Argument with O'Reilly was Legig and Very well said..
Mark's picture

You are truly inspiring, keep up the good work! We all know O'Reilly is a lying douche bag, well done standing up to him.
db's picture

I am not a rap fan. I saw you interview with Bill O'Reilly. I was very impressed with what you had to say. Thank You for saying what you did and don't ever stop.
FiascoFever's picture

Lupe you need to come to my school and do some motivational speaking! that would be awesome
Geminus's picture

Just saw your interview with Bill Oreilly, I thought he was an idiot... and then you spoke. You're young and ignorant.
THABO's picture

yo lupe,we need your presence here in south africa haka @ your BOI,i dont care bout your curvey ill tell u wen im thru booii