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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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NWOSUCKS's picture u need 2 get moor educated b4u go on orielly please watch the abouve hope u r with us peace brother by the way im white
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I just read what you said about Obama on the O'Reilly show. I thought it is great that you had the courage to say that. It is absolutely true. Obama was supposed to change things after Bush, but a lot of things are worse, especially all these wars. The US government's terrorism of other people just breeds more terrorism. This is not a racial matter; it's a matter of right and wrong.
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more or less i just got done researching on how to attempt to send "fan mail" i guess you could call it. No victory in that. Anyways the point i wanna get acrross is this; I've lisened to you since i was a freshman in high school, im now 21. So maybe 6 yrs, roughly. I want to let you know that I'm thankful for you. People tend to exagerate your "messages" or down play them. Or not even acknowledge you. In "my view" i see someone promoting AWARENESS, & POSITIVITY, PROGRESSION IN LIFE. I'm not some fan whose coocoo, hell i aint even been to your concerts... cant afford to travel or go to one lol. But I do follow you, listen to you, and applaud you. You and your music center me out. A calm feeling, if you will. So just saying thank you for inspiring me, inspiring me to be a better man, person, and a better me. You're a idle and a "hero" of mine. So don't go anywhere and keep doing what you are doing please, because there are a ton of people like you out in the world im sure, but not many are in the public like you are, and aren't as willing to voice what they think and believe. But you being who, and what you are empower those who don't do it. You keep them from being alone. In lonesome people abandon anything in the end to get out of the lonely abyss. Everyone applaud Lupe. Take a bow sir, take one please.
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Thank you Lupe for going on the Factor and talking so real, and not letting OReilly shake you up you were perfect thanks again.
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When is Lupe's world tour? pls come to Thailand too!!! BTW SO LOVING U FOR BRAVE ENOUGH TO SPEAK DA TRUTH TO DA WORLD
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sir. fiasco...are you happy?
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Why isn't Lupe's performance at Osheaga in Montreal listed on upcoming performances?
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I Loved The Song "Words I Never Said" Its Full Of Truth & Things People Wont Speak Up ABout. I Believe It Is Pure Genius. No Other Artist Has Written A Song Like This & I Am Glad You Are The First Because No One Else Could Have Put It Into Better Words. Keep The Songs Comingg :)
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As a future educator, I must say your song, "The Show Goes On" struck a chord deep in my soul. To be blatantly honest, it's the first time that a song has made me so proud of my chosen profession; I want to be that teacher that shows children that it doesn't matter where they come from, the world is theirs. I was starting to lose faith in my dream, and I just want to thank you for inspiring me to keep pushing myself for the sake of those boys and girls I've never met and care so much about. Thank you so much, because when my family criticizes me for choosing a job that doesn't pay well, or doesn't seem fulfilling, I won't be swayed from my calling. Thank you again, and I hope you know that what you're doing will change the world, so never lose hope and never stop making music for the greater good.
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Lupe - just got the CD and I love it, keep doing you man. I know its VERY hard but when you get down just remember that you could not create such beautiful art without experiencing life as real as you do. I use to envy the simple souls but now I carry my burden with pride and a thanks to God for his blessing. As you know, it is much easier said then done. One day all of our lasers will collide and it will be a beautiful sight to behold.

As someone who was a huge fan of your talent and what I perceived to be a positive attitude, I am greatly disappointed by your incendiary statements regarding our President and our country. While there is always much that our country can do to better the lives of its citizens and the world, your statements showed me that you are no different from any other celebrities who make "political" statements without any real knowledge of history, leadership, or governance. Celbrities expect to express opinions like this without having an intelligent argument to back it up (define "terrorist"). If you feel like you are living, benefiting from, and making money off of a country run by terrorists, then why are you are here? As someone who has actually devoted her professional life to making this country and world better, I say thank goodness you *don't* vote. Thanks for reminding me to ignore the ignorant opinions of celebrities and musicians, however talented they may be.
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Dear Mr. Fiaco, Thank you for speaking truth as it has no color. God Rewards the Fearless. May Allah bring you his Holy Word in more truth with each breath. Whitebuffalospeaks
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I am sadden by your comments on CBS regarding our President! As a mom of a 12 year old boy who absolutely loves you & your music, what do I tell him? I listened to your song "The Show Goes On" and fell in love with the words, which lead me to love the song and now this. Your words are so inspirational, but then you make a comment about our President calling him a terriorst! Ok, maybe you don't agree with his ways or him personally, but you are responsible for influences our children and to make a comment about someone who is charge of our Country frightens them. Obviously, you must be aware that there will be consequences, whether parents like me forbid their children to listen/purchase or they explain that what you did was really considered illegal and they change their views of you. I hope that you will consider apologizing or express your thoughts of him without calling him a terriorist. I hope you choose to do the right thing because how do I explain to my son that he is no longer allowed to listen to your music because he believes our Commander in Chief is a terrorist per you. First it will frighten him because he will believe you and then will compare him to the terrorist in the 9/11 incident. Yes, he is quite intelligent and I can explain your crazy thoughts to him, but he will still have it in the back of his mind. I wish you the best and really do love your music because your lyrics are oh so true and you put your heart into your lyrics. With Warmest Regards, Kathleen Grace Kelly
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Lupe, I'm not generally a rap fan (though I'm going to check out everything you've ever made in a few moments), and I'm downright against religion for the most part. I'm here to thank you for having the intelligence and the courage to call it like it is regarding US foreign policy, as put forth by Obama (and pretty much all of his predecessors). You're right, Obama is the biggest terrorist. Bush is the 2nd biggest; Clinton is the 3rd biggest, etc, ad infiinitum. I'm an American who emigrated to Canada (though now Canada is heading the same way rapidly). Keep fighting the good fight, man. You've gained a new fan today, and if you're music is as sincere and hard-hitting as your public political statements, I'll be showing it to everybody that will listen.
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This starving artist (a fan of Lupe's) is lookin' for on eye, to take a look at his true-short-story '500 bars' by way of the kindle store on It's about my life. Please, peace.
Sophia Lynn's picture I really need for you guys to go on the site and click SIGN NOW to add your signature. My goal is 1.000 signatures then I will send it to my target in my effort to make a change . I need all the support I can get , Do it for the Children Please !! Thank you**A CHANCE for CHANGE** Our Future is in Danger - The Petition Site
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i like you because you rap talk the truth
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Lupe, i have seen your comments on tv and don't appreciate them one bit.' As a member of the military. You need to realize that we are a racially united unit. We serve as one, for a country of one. Why do your songs/attitude do the opposite. Respect what we have done for you, Respect what we do for you. Respect what we will do for you to sing the "music" you do. If you have that many problems with this country... leave
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@Raegan, look at how the word laser is displayed... Lupe obviously know the people with worldly materialistic b.s. points of view will think he is a loser.. but thanks for proving his point. @Raegan again... "murdering is not islam, and you are not observant"... this is not lupe hearing this... go back and listen to what lupe says in his last verse... obviously he is not just hearing this because half of what is said in that song is not heard in our country at all...(I've never heard anyone say jersey shore was the news, ) yet millions watch it, sounds like a view of his own to me. dont let your ignorance influence the way you think about others opinions. i respect what you believe, i have loved ones who would say the same thing but they all respect others points of views and they judge... if you weren't so buisy judging others you wouldn't even pay attention to this song unless you know its true and it wouldn't bother you that much.. Free masons started this country and still run this country... hint that on the back of the dollar bill it reads new world order in latin... and that was printed in 1919 over a hundred years after this nation was founded. Worldly views go against what is most important to me.. and that's God. It even says in the bible that Worldly views go against God's views, and if you don't believe in God... then what do you believe in? I hope it's not our government, take a look at our nation and where government has gotten us...
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Maybe, I am wrong...Maybe it is Lupe personnaly who made the website??
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I have some suggestion (sorry if my english is a lil' bit bad) It would be better and more eccentric if Lupe Faisco's Website will be more customized I mean, when we enter the website and see the homepage, it directly remembers us in Lupe Fiasco It is already customized, but when I see it, and surf on it, I don't think about Lupe, I think it doesn't really represents him...It's like it misses somethin Hope u understand best regards
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Can you please help this former athlete? Thank you!!!
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I'm in my mid-40's. I think that the last rap that I really payed attention to was De-La-Soul back in college in the 80's. It's not the music, it's the themes that turned me away. I heard you on Colbert for the first time last week. I Wiki-ed you and looked up the lyrics to Words I Should Have Said. Thanks for trying to reach "kids" today to let them know that they can and should think AND act as individuals but for the good of society. The media, marketing and greedy politicians thrive in today's political climate - it's two simplistic views pitted against each other. Critical thinking is not valued. Your views symbolize the idea that our culture's social and political problems have complicated and sometimes seemingly contradictory solutions. Thanks and peace. -A combat veteran, "tree-hugging", independent, no religious preference chick who wants this country to be better for all.
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Lasers? More like Losers!
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get the guy who wrote this verse noticed :) this is my life n im lovin every minute finally my time to shine, now just for sum recognition everyones betting against me so im shovin every chip in cuz little do they know anthony strucks that one in a billion i was stuck n empty feelin like, fuck it imma kill him then i seen this preminition i was drunk n spendin millions tacklin the game dont need to summon kevin williams cuz chances are youll crash like sets of drums wit seven cymbals im sumthin like a pilgrim, this reservations mine whats insides been fixed up time to restorate the shine confidence is risin high as elevatin rhymes youll neva bend or break my stride its hella devestation time i could smell a hataz lie, you could tell first place is mine before the revelation you will see this separation bind neva eva traced a line so imma sell this great design well you say im crazy right? i guess john wayne gacys alive
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I caught a bit of " Words I should have said" and thought it was really hot! I downloaded it from Itunes and listened closely. WOW! What a disappointment! Isn't it sad when talented entertainers get all in our face with their stupid, ill-informed little political agendas? I'll bet no one in this little musical group has ever even listened to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck...just blindly follow what they hear the other drones say! Listen to someone before you call them a rascist! What chickensh*t!
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Is there an email available so that I can send artist and songwriting submissions for the Lupe Fiasco camp?
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Hi Everyone, just want to let you know if you get a message from someone called "GOODREAL" - she?? is a 4 1 9 scammer. Stay well clear!!!!
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Hi Lupe, I've heard your music before, and liked it but would not regard myself as a fan. I stumbled across your new album and love the message. I'm a 43yr old white woman of no particular religion - I spose i'm trying to become more spiritual, knowledgable and gain wisdom. I agree totally with your Laser Manifesto as I do with the Wayseer manifesto too. It must be difficult for you to play "their" game in order to get your message out to the public. As usual the Americans are way ahead of the UK in promoting a different way of thinking to the masses. I've also discovered from various sources that only 10% of the worldwide population will agree with you and the other 90% will think that you are some sort of weirdo or radical. We've got some battle on our hands in order to be heard!! Lol. What I wanted to say is please keep doing what you are doing and expand on it - you are in a position to be heard and people will listen to you. If you want to consider expanding your message in the UK i am willing to join in. If you are aware of the Butterfly Effect/Chaos Theory then something, somewhere will change! From every small seed there is the potential for an enormous tree to grow. Have a great day! :))
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Dear Lupe, My name is Ezekiel J. Walker, I, like many of your fans consider myself to be one of the biggest in existence. With that being said, I am not offering a critique of your work but rather seeking collaborative efforts through two of the most powerful avenues of individual expression: music and literature. I am a modern African-American culture Author and I am inquiring if there is any capacity that I could contribute to your website or various ventures through my writing. I recently published my first book, which I am now touring for and it is because of your leadership and intellectual candor that it is becoming "Cool" to be smart for young black men such as myself. Your consistency in hip hop has separated your style from others and it is something that deserves to be forever ingrained in writing as a staple of this generations young intellectuals. If there is any capacity that I could involve myself with your music, campaigns, or events, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so. Also, my website has all the info about my book and myself (if you're interested) Thanks.