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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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Chereen S's picture

Dear Lupe, I looked up to you, I respected your lyrics, and I listened to you frequently. But now, I can't say I will ever listen to you with a smile on my face. Growing up as a Palestinian American, I know firsthand what terrorism and violence is because my people are being massacred on a daily basis. Unfortunately, you do not. They say disappointment is worse than being upset in someone, and the feelings you have triggered are nothing short of disappointment. How can you call partisan fighters "rebels" and say they're murderers? Is one supposed to sit there while they are being slaughtered and genocide is erupting? Lupe, with all respect, do you just enjoy hearing yourself talk? I am genuinely disappointed by your lack of intellectual commentary. You were the last person I thought would be ignorant when it came to something such as war. But you proved to be deceiving. This is not terrorism, these are people fighting for their lives and their families because of a terrible dictator. Not even Fox has gone nationally to call them terrorist. But oh, Lupe has. Lupe, you've lost me as one of your dedicated fans. I can't listen to someone who does not make sense out of his music. I'd be foolish and ignorant, and alhamdulilah I am neither. But for you, I cannot say the same. Good luck, homes. May God Bless you, and may Divine Intervention guide you. If that's possible, atleast. Salam.
Saad's picture

Dear Lupe, I have been an avid fan of yours for years. I am a Libyan American Muslim who is vehemently against Western imperialism and colonialism in the middle-east and anywhere else in the world. I can't even BEGIN to describe my disappoint in your recent words regarding the situation in Libya. The protesters with AK's you're talking about began with nothing but fists and the ambition for freedom. They took arms after they began being wiped off the face of the earth. How dare you shame your fellow muslim brothers and sisters who simply demand the decency of democracy and the right to a dignity? Do you know how much damage you do to the cause of innocents as you favor the billionaire dictator? How dare you choose the rich and corrupt over the poor and starving??
Mustafa_3's picture

just wondering what the reference to fashion on blackout is? does it have anything to do with fascism?
kruse1233's picture

Yo that video was powerful as fuck
walman10's picture

Dear Wasalu, I commend you my brother. As a Muslim Egyptian American you have the support of the Arab and Muslim people all over the world. You're a very brave man, something we unfortunately lack in the hard times we live in today. "Words I never Knew" has reignited the flame to the meaning of music's potential for political influence. Your talent to put so much truth into four minutes and thirty seconds has educated many and moved many more to learn about what is really taking place in our world today. I will be working in Egypt this summer, I hope that you could make it out to Cairo and join us in our post revolutionary development. Salam, W A US Law student that uses your music as a motivational tool to study. =)
Blade Mattox's picture

U kicked their asses! I didnt kno u could do that. Tight video too.
TheUgKing's picture

Your the best lupe period. but you are crazy just to let you know lol see you next time you in bmore and dont worry about being crowned the best everybody that knows your name know your the one. p.s. hope you stay on our side.
Eric Pritchet's picture

dope ass video for Words I Never Said good job lupe
Tyrone.Witcher's picture

Lupe please come back to Dallas! last time you came to the house of blues with B.O.B, I remember because me and my brother had to sit outside just to listen to you. unfortunately we were to broke to get in, But still i had a good time, so come on back to Dallas so me and my brother can listen from outside again! Your fan Tyrone Witcher
kid_justice's picture

man, lupe you really have a bright head on you. the words you say in songs just moves me, and everyone else. its crazy how one song can change a kid. ilisten to your songs everyday because i know ill get something out of them. i dont even like listening to everyone else i use to, because they all talk about women in a rude way, and money and cars, all this stuff that dont matter. thats why tooo me your the only true rapper out who raps for a purpuse. i justed started writing music about my struggles just because i know it will make me feel good and other people feel good if they been thru the same stuff, and for people who havent been thru that kinda stuff to open up to people they know have. i know im aware its lng shot to make it big but im going to keep trying im only 19, so i have plenty of time to try! thanks the world is ours!
WorkingIt's picture

Thank you The Show Goes On Tonight has helped me get almost all better after being hit by a car listen to it while working it.
koffyHipHoplovingBrown's picture

Lupe you need to come to Dallas and perform at The House Of Blues as a one man show. You do have fans One Love my brother.
ladyzsochi's picture

Can you and my boy Gem sing Kumbaya n make muzic together again...oh n tell Marz crazy azz to stop smokin kush, it doeznt do him any juztice haha
Boksville's picture

Lupe fiasco is a responsible human bieng. Lets all be, by taking the world
Malika's picture

Lupe, youre my inspiration to learn, educate the ignorant, and spread the peace. i'm in the chi area, so i hope to meet you one day, inshallah!
uribailey's picture

plz come to israel!!
Tonio's picture

What it do i'm just trying to see a tour date for atlanta, ga. Big Fan and have yet to get o the concert really trying to be there.
alh_90's picture

Come back to Minnesota??? For meeee?
UnquelyBlessed's picture

Please Come To Memphis I Would Love To See One Of Your Shows!!!!!!!!!!!
bert33's picture

your music is a huge inspiration, keep singing and ill keep listening
crazylazer's picture

Lupe i just discovered you and i can't believe how great your music is. Lasers rocks!
Jack Grey's picture

Make the album readily available via PAYPAL - considering you are on the INTERNET.
Lisa Sage's picture

Be the change you wish to see in the world !! -Ganhdi
Risque Soul's picture

My husband and I love your music. I am an indie artist who is trying to send the same messages but the labels keep trying to change me or ask me to sound more like Beyonce . Its so frustrating but I will continue to keep God first and singing around Atlanta in effort to try to uplift our youth. I feel our world is chaotic and everything around us is telling us to be more messed up. So I am glad you came back i was so hurt when you threw in the towel. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! IF That happened i wouldn't have to worry about getting hired , getting a loan or being loved. I swear I think dark skiinned blacks have it the worst we get discriminated by our own race! Through my years I have learned how beautiful I really am and that I can reach the stars! So thank you for helping me stay motivated to get my words out to the world.
Lisa Sage's picture

For years society has been brought up on an "image" that everybody must uphold due to media. Morals and beliefs are put aside in replace of popularity and recognition. Which leaves me to question as to why somebody would try so hard to fit in a world that downgrades knowledge and beliefs to turn the other cheek and look towards more gossip and brain washing? It's about time an artist such as Lupe that is not afraid of who he is to share his thoughts and beliefs. I have yet to believe in our society. Nuclear weapons is not a threat to the world, a selfish society itself is a threat. Freedom of Religion? Land of the Free? They are banning a Mosque being built because it is said that "Muslims should learn the American way?" It is about time that somebody that has a voice that is able to be heard around the world to give insight on problems such as these. I appreciate Lupe as a artist among many others, although i would have to say that I have a high amount of respect for such an activist and a believer. He is the motivation for every generation, most importantly the younger generations, to stay motivated and educated and in tune with their beliefs. Stand up for what you believe in, take note of the world around you, get involved with the community. We are the next generation! Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, you have inspired me to continue my dreams to rebuild Detroit, and start charities and fundraisers in order to educate the younger generations. You have truly been an inspiration to many people, including myself, and a blessing. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future. Lisa
mattQuest's picture

You are such an insightful person. I used to have a lot of respect for your music. Now I'm just curious. Why do you call Glenn Beck racist? No really, don't laugh it off, try to come up with a reason, based on fact. I watch him often and I've never thought he was racist. Sucks... not that you probably care but I can't enjoy your music anymore, which I guess just sucks for me. At any rate, I hope you have your reasons and aren't just going off what other people say on such a powerful claim.
mrmurphy11's picture

post any info bout the reply below on the discussion archive under same title as below, or on official facebook page for Lupe.
mrmurphy11's picture

Lupe could be the next Martin Luther King Jr Lupe sees all the bullshit in the world. He tells only the truth. We need to listen to him and others like this. He inspires thousands and millions. We can change the world if we all feel like this. Fix all the bullshit in the world. Like Martin Luther King Jr did, its time for us to stand up for whats right and important in life. With enough people anything is possible.
Blade Mattox's picture

I think You (or "Atlantic Records") should've put a few more tracks on "Lasers". Other than that I think it was pretty good. Oh and Lupe, I think you need more respect in the game cuz you dont get enough.
Ndaks julius porter's picture

alright! proud 2 b a laser