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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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Jack's picture

Mr. Jaco, Please use Lupe to his potential for driving meaningful, cultural change towards the attitudes and constructs you preach but so far have failed to articulate and market in such a way to transform them from rap lyrics into actual dialogue. Why are the points raised throughout Lasers failing to transpire into discourse evident among policy-makers? I feel its possible, figure out how to start making it probable, or stop the lip-service, its insulting.
McCall's picture

Dear Lupe and Administration, To be 100% honest, I don't really think what I am about to say will get directly to Lupe. I'm o.k with that though. I just want him to know he is truly an inspiration. I am from a small town in the south (Tennessee) and being a small white girl who enjoys Forever 21, a lot of people do not take me seriously when I am trying to encourage your music. If it isn't Gucci or wayne, it isn't respected. (Not sayin they don't have potential. . . Ok. Yes I am. I think talent is severly lacking. Not trying to step on toes!) . Lupe, you are real. You are real Hip-Hop. You are real music. You are motivational. You are an inspiration. I've been a dedicated, enthusiastic since I first heard you. (Go Go Gadget Flow) I wish you would play a nashville show! Id be front row! Haha. Regardless though, you have motivated and inspired me regardless. Keep the dream alive. Keep up the work. Please. You're music is Golden. -Your small town, severly dedicated girl McCall.
not losers...LASERS's picture

I think Charleston, WV is a city that could definitely use a concert from Lupe. This city needs to wake up, it's really struggling and the people need someone like Lupe to look to and model. There's too many people complacent with their situations here, not enough people trying to do better too many people sticking to what they've known their whole lives, his music could really do some healing to this city. I wish he could bless this city with his presence.
alh_90's picture

I know lots of people at Gustavus Adolphus that would LOVE to have you back :D Including yours truly
Donovan Schippers's picture

kind of upset i don't see STL on your tour list!!!!!!!!!! i know you wanna come do a show here at the pageant or savis center or my place!!!! i think your whole new album is amazing i was at your show last year in peoria IL on 4/20/2010 kind of upset that the crowd wasnt very hype like it would be here in st.louis we have soul here get your ass here to preform and maybe get me back stage to meet you
csurrell07's picture

I got to meet Mr. Fiasco for the first tie today at the Navy Exchange. He signed all 5 off my albums with a joke and a smile. :) That made me smile. Thank you Lupe for being one of the bests artists ever, and for being a great human being at the same time. It's truly appreciated. Hopefully I get to get you in concert one day! That would be great and my first concert ever! Anywho, thanks again. Have a great day! :)
Laylo's picture

Whats up Lupe!? i was trying to get some tickets to see you perform at San Diego State University today and i waited for about an hour until i got to the front just to be told that i cannot buy them because i am not a student there. Is there any other way i can get my hands on them?
literate_earthmother's picture

I am a 37 year old mother of two African American boys, ages 11 and 7. My 11 year old loves hip hop and rap. Most of what the industry puts out isn't healthy or appropriate for kids, not my kids anyway. I want them (not just mine, but all kids) to have the outlet and cultural link that this genre provides, but there is almost no message or innocent fun in it anymore. Lupe Fiasco is one of the only adult artists that I can listen to with my son and feel comfortable letting him explore and grow with on his own. Because of what the young man has to say: personal and community responsibilities, love, self respect, reality, truth; these are all things that the younger generation need to hear; not how much money, how many women or men you can run through, what you wear or how many cars, how many blunts. Are these the things what we want the next generation of leaders, parents, business owners, teachers, etc. from OUR community to place emphasis on? I really hope not. My sons and I listened to Lupe's interview with Tavis and I'm glad he chose that show as one of the venues to speak to people and promote Lasers. Thanks for being honest and sharing. Thank you for persevering for the good of all, especially for the kids coming up, and completing the Laser project. You are influencing and changing the way people; younger and older, rich and poor, Christian and Muslim, urban and rural, think, act and live. The show goes on...
TEEKAY's picture

Lasers is a phenominal album, no doubt. I feel like Lupe isn'n being given enough space to be creative. A track with trey Songz wasn'T WHAT i HAD IN MIND . Let LUPE do his thing, he'll still get the same support from the fans !
Philly Phil Simi's picture

Lupe, you rock!!! The lyrics and music is so very much "ME", you could have written it all about me. Lupe and I must be soul mates / brothers. The song "BEAMIN' " Is 100 percent ME. OMG LOL, LUPE, how you do that??? You're totally hearing my thoughts or something like viewing thru my eyes. LUPE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY VOICE IN MUSIC... truly!!! I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!
fatherhood2010's picture

your new album is one of the realest albums out there, i was so tired of hearing the brain washing crap on the radio, now i have a real artist to look up too and actually take what the music is saying it and actually seeing it more clear all around, i just wanted to thank you :D
boazhuntersmith's picture

lupe, mate i dunno if youll ever see this. if your managers get this please, please pass it on. im from bondi in sydney australia.... you are the one artist that i will always love- making music about what YOU feel is important. you are my true hero and inspiration.... i cant belive i missed your tour down here the other month,i hope you continue to make music, music you WANT to make, dont let the other shit get in your way- i know you wont anyway!
DAILYnightly's picture

yo Lupe, how come you dont have your 4/17/11 show at cornell university ithaca ny listed in your tour dates? oh ya and i was thinkin it would be clever to make a song about state run cable (not necessarily in those exact words) showing how people sit in front of tv watching their "reality" shows that are scripted pyschologically constructed dramatizations about useless bullshit. While the diabetes rate grows everyday its 2 main causes are obesity and lack of physical activity. idk im looking forward to hearing back about that show i just bought tickets and shit my pants when i saw u were coming only a couple hours away! DAILYnightly ps history repeats itself sitcoms are comin back, cheers!
Nate-FreedomImaginathan's picture

His new album is great and reflects so many different persona of what life is like in his view. We know that his new album is going to be super fresh with some nice beats, and revolutionary insight. PEACE AND LASERS! Nate-FREEdom(Imaginathan).
LASERS4LIFE's picture

oh, and P.S. read The Hunger Games, Lupe. It's worth your time.
LASERS4LIFE's picture

Your dad loves you always, and so ddo your fans. stay strong and keep bringing out songs.
Heart1520's picture

Your words are completely elevating, leading to unexpected places in my mind. My heart and soul have awakened. My hope is to have your words reach every single individual who has, is, or will go through something. They will find Peace in turn. Thank You..................................
lil Derek's picture

i've had my ears peeled from across the pond for some time ,you rap how i feel ,geto boy therapy thank you ...
Chaaban's picture

Hey Lupe , As a young Muslim American I can say that the voices of many Muslims have finally been heard and it means so much to me and almost everyone i know that you did this for the Muslims all around the world. Silence is worse than the violence , and you are my inspiration. Allah is shedding his blessings on you because of what you have been doing. From the Muslim Youth Group on Vermont!!! Not to mention , your lyrics bring tears to my eyes , i am so happy that someone is pushing for our voices to be heard.
FlawlessMelody's picture

Best Album Yet! Definitely supporting you all the way! Bout time we heard true music!
missy's picture

hey just wantd to say i love the new cd!!! big fan for years.. It reminds me of when i used to work in canton ma.
Lupe WebCrew's picture

@omairkhan & Albeduzi : Please e-mail for help with your order.
Miltownqueen's picture

I have an idea. How about Lupe comes to Summerfest 2011 and makes my last year in Miltown one to remember! We love Lupe and how he brings people from all different walks of life together to enjoy good positive music. Summerfest needs Lupe this year!!
Albeduzi's picture

I also have yet to receive my L.A.S.E.R.S Deluxe Bundle with the full album on it. I got the Digital Download package. Is there a place that I can go to retrieve this?
omairkhan's picture

I preordered my L.A.S.E.R.S Deluxe Bundle on March 2 2011 and have yet receive my package. I only received a receipt from the day it was purchased via email. I have not received any notifications on when it will be shipped nor have i received a tracking number. All in all, just wondering when i'll be receiving my shirt and CD and if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks. "Love. Always. Shines. Everytime. Remember. 2 .Smile."
AClou's picture

@AMY-MAE: Take it at face value: it is Lupe's opinion. We all know Lupe is a smart guy, so this opinion of Beck has only come from what he has heard about, heard directly from or what he has seen Beck do. In any case, Beck isn't mentally okay, this much he admitted himself, and is a ratings-producer. He frequently doesn't filter his words, which would be alright if it wasn't on a show that is passing itself off as news, even though it clearly is butchered bits (I am not taking sides...both are equally as bad and we all need to turn our backs to both parties and unify as one). There have been many comments he has made regarding other people that if he wants an apology he should be giving some out first. For instance, while he was talking about what he would do for $50 mil. he said he would strangle Michael Moore. I'm not a fan of Michael Moore much, but talking about ending anyone's life is not okay, in any context. All 3 major monotheistic religions agree on that point: God will sort it out in the end; Man has no place judging on His law. All that said, LASERS is a very good album, even with the compromises Lupe made. Be LASERS not losers, let's all work toward a brighter tomorrow, together.
sani's picture

Ah the feel, the flow, the product lasers. Thou i'm a fan standerds have been lowered and i Can't help but feel dissapointed but its catchy and I like the fact that it grows on you but for futre albums more songs like, All black everything, Words I never said, till i get there and less like out of my head I don't wanna care right now but still a cool album just wanna see your full potential cause it hasn't been met in this album, but giving the cercimstances its understandable
FearLoveAlone's picture

Im going to be honest. Before i listened to this album, i felt like crap. Felt nothing was worth it. Felt like doing things i usually would not do to just end it. But his album changed my mood. Haven't had a good year i guess. But his music inspires me. Changed what i thought, and i feel better already. Now as I'm typing this, it made me wonder what would i have done if i didn't listen. But i did. Thanks #Lasers!!!!
amy-mae's picture

Hey guys, I like listening to Lupe Fiasco but I was a little caught off by one of the lyrics I heard. It's in "Words I Never Said" and Lupe Fiasco called Glenn Beck a racist. I am just wondering if anybody there has any idea why he made such a remark. It's a bold statement and there is no proof to back it up. I am sure Glenn Beck would like an apology. This is not fair to say about any body without proof and I am really disappointed to hear that Lupe Fiasco is singing a lie.
love20's picture

i love this album you guys should go and by this record you would love it as much as i do if your a big fan