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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi, While in Australia for the Big Day Out Lupe donated some signed items for our fundraising auction. I am trying to get in contact with someone from his management or label who can help us promote the auction direct to his fans. If someone an help with this my contact info is Thanks, Angela Q Music Network Rock n Roll Auction
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I greatly appreciate this album! Especially after hearing about the emotion and fight that went into it. Thank you so much for fighting for and creating great music! Lupe are truly one of a kind and I'm thankful for your music.
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absolutely amazing artist, brilliant role model, and breath taking lyrics. thank you so much for all you do lupe. you are a true inspiration akhi. :)
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Lupe I love your music and have had a great time listening to your first two albums. Lasers was also a great album and I really enjoyed the lyricism but I could clearly tell Atlantic Records forced you to make songs that you did not want to and that could go mainstream. Please do not let them force you to do anything and please put out albums that truly represent. If there is one rapper out there who should not be suppressed, it is you!
kaka702's picture

where can i buy the black t-shirt of Lasers??
Ninjabee's picture

when is my pre-ordered cd and vinyl coming :/

Lupe Congrats on all your success. I hope you leave atlantic, this last album was not that strong your freestyle were way better. I know you have more than this and your being forced to put something out but don't put garbage like this ever again, I will continue to be your fan no matter what. you have only three good songs the rest feel to forced.. really forced. Good luck with your career and look forward to see you doing more. Come to Orlando for real this time, and perform you have a huge fan base here.
Douglas's picture

can you post a spot on the website to submit production to, and would you be willing to show up at an east oakland youth center. do a meet and greet. help some future artist out
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thanks for that last album. cant take back the words you never said. peace.
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I got alotta love for Lupe, and have since I first started listening to him my Freshmen year of high school back in 2005. I'm still in school now, and his fables and tales strike with so much more emphasis and specificity that it brightens my spirit to see his progression as an artist. He is progressing and he is telling everyone as listeners to change their lives, families, friends, and communities for the better in every opportunity that presents itself. I'll be sure to keep this in mind as I try to make a better world than the one I have grown up in. Stay Free, Rich City, California
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I don't know who sees this, but I enjoyed the album. I didn't understand the full scope of the contriversy until after I'd listened to it. I knew their was a 2 year delay and I knew there had to be some comprimises, but I wasn't sure how many; to be honest I'm still not sure, but I will say that after reading a lot of the stuff on the internet and then relistening it totally changed the expierience for me. In context lupe's words carry a lot more weight, but I lost a lot of faith in the record company. I think what your gonna see, and what your already seeing, is a lot of fans demanding to know what exactly "We are Lasers" was going to be orginally. I know it's a little too early in sales to be releasing other material, but it might help the situation if this website was an outlet for that curiousity, because if your not I'm sure some other website will try to be. P.S. F&F up!!
redragon's picture

Can't believe you gave into Them Lupe.
LUP DA MAN's picture

Ok, SO today i woke up early to download the CD i pre ordered and went up to vermont skiing and listened to it TWICE. when i got back i saw an article in the news paper about LASERS and i was actually PISSED i loved the CD and cant get enough of it. I dont know why Lupe has had so many doubts!!! This is THE BEST album i have ever heard and my article said "the artist has completely lost touch with his artists" but WTF!?!?!?! this album was probably purchased by half of the US and i do NOT think this is true. PLEASE tell Lupe if you see this that his album was the best i have ever heard and i think its amazing how by "not trying" he created this masterpeice.... LASERS. Thank you for this amazing listening experience -Matt
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Hey whats good with the Laser packages? Please lmk if there are any left and how I can get one! Thanks, Rob
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@LimeLight says - Please send an e-mail to
RawB's picture

Hello guys, This is Robbie from URBAN magazine in Shanghai China,I'm the editor and designer of URBAN MAG. URBAN magazine is the first street culture mag in main land of China, Urban Media is the only Chinese independent media which focus on spreading and researching “Contemporary Urban Youth Culture", “Urban Youth Thinking” and “Urban Youth Ideology”.This is our website Please kindly check it. We wanna have an interview with Lupe Fiasco ,I was wondering if you can help us to finish it. Thank you and keep in touch. best, robbie
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Lu, Been reading about some of your struggles and self-doubt about LASERS. Even if you don't feel like it's your best work, don't sweat it, brother...the shit you could write in your sleep is better than 99% of other MC's "best work" has ever been. Even if you did feel like you "dumbed it down" this time, you're still one of, if not the, most intelligent and thought-provoking MCs in the game today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Keep your head up, man! Your real fans will always GET IT.
LimeLight's picture

I got the pre-ordered deluxe package today but the shirt's size is wrong :( What do I do?
Roy's picture

Much love from Lebanon in the Middle East to the Lupe :)
davey's picture

Please come to University of Illinois at Chicago! I'm sick of all this pop music, we need a real musician to play here! Come back to Chicago, and while you're here, stop by and play a show for a little bit!
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Firstly please come to Ireland more often, there are lots of lasers here including myself who are aware of what the industry is really like, keep keeping it real Lupe. Secondly, be careful, we don't want another DMX situation. peace!!! David Healion
LafemmeShannon's picture

So, LUPE.. All of the students at UIC Chicago are really excited for your new album! And of course, we want help you promote, so the members of our student organization "Green Youth Revolution" are all hoping you could make an appearance for our "Ecojamapalooza" festival! We know you are a native Chicagoan and are an active member of the community, so please - CONSIDER US!! WE LOVE YOU! xoxo, UIC
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Sunday February 27th Lupe Fiasco held a free concert. Two of my friends and I rsvp'd on the site got the email verification and thought sick we can make it in. Being that we are from new jersey we had to take a bus into port authority in NYC than a subway to brooklyn. All very worth it to see Lupe Fiasco an artist who speaks to my soul in more ways than he could probably imagine. So we get to Wiilliamsburg Music Hall and start waiting on line. We waited for 4 hours and as we were 30-40 people away from the door they tell us to go home. Obviously we were shocked and hearts broken. The bouncers and or security working the event yelled and shooed us away like we were assholes clogging the streets. But excuse me i just waited 4 hours to get in can i have a minute to drink this in. I dont understand how it could have been ran so poorly? Cant you think of a better way? off the top of my head why not go outside with slips of paper handing out down the line to everyone that could fit the capacity of the hall. I mean to have all us fans waiting for hours just to get turned away is a public relations disaster. I remember thinking how could lupe do this to us. Anyway i couldnt wait to go buy his album march 8th. Like actually go buy it not download it for free, because lupe is someone i want to support. But after being treated like trash when i made a journey to show what a fan i was, i just dont know.
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Lupe everything about you is amazing! Every idea that you have is always mos def WINNERS!! so matter what u do with any video for a song! it's gonnah be LOVED!
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I believe that for the all black everything video u should utilize a compare and contrast method. for example, showing what immediate reparations would be like in the world if somehow in an alternate world, both people would simultaneously recieve money and how they would spend it. You would be ghostly narrating through the times. while your GLR (green laser regime aka my crew and i) support the movement. at the end their should be a meeting of both timelines with the lazer insignia imbedded on there clothing resembling the revolution. Please Choose this. Green Laser Regime leader Spanish Joker. Lupe Lets bridge the gap.
kables's picture

Dude everyone at the university of illinois chicago loves you. please come here
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@Spaz: You can send your ideas to
spaz's picture

were do we send you stuff? like the ideas for the all black everything music video
Grimkilla's picture

Hey Lupe. I have a site. That would be more than happy to have you featured on my site. The site is Contact me at 714-838-0481 Thomas P.
Green Youth Revolution's picture

Lupe Fiasco! I love your music, and I love what you stand for. Music today is too watered down, people aren't thinking anymore. But you're an exception to this mainstream norm. You encourage people to think and learn about their history and how to make a difference for the future. I'm proud to say I'm a laser! This April we are celebrating Earth Month at UIC.We're trying to get artists and speakers together to inform and entertain the youth here on UIC campus at an event called Ecojamapalooza. I know you're from Chicago, so I thought you might want to come out. Like the name of our organization, we are trying to start a revolution here on campus. We want people to know about an event called PowerShift 2011, which will be 10,000 youth in Washington DC lobbying for clean energy, and also about the Chicago Clean Power Ordainance. I know you're a busy man and I understand if you can't make it out but you would really draw a lot of attention to our cause. Being from the West Side so you're probably familiar with the Fisk and Crawford coal plants on the near southwest side. Both of these are within 10 miles of our campus (not to mention the 2 major expressways, train-tracks, etc.). There's a lot of air pollution in this area. This close proximity to this issue makes me feel even more passionate about working to reduce air pollution. To make things more significant, there has recently been a massive assault on the EPA. This is the oposite direction of where we need to be heading. I know you can feel me on how important this issue is. If we can draw people's attention to our efforts to stop this maddness it will make our movement much stronger. I really hope you can seriously consider my request. We want to make this an unforgettable Ecojamapalooza, and your being a part of it would definitely accomplish that. Thanks so much for reading this, if you want to get back to me my email is I hope to hear from you soon!