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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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Lupe, THIS IS TRUTH. I have had favorite artists before but none who touch the soul and speak truth regardless of what "they" all do... I was a huge Pac and Wayne fan forever, and still am. I used to spin their shit and every gig but after finding you, the dude who cleared my view, they seem like shadows of a desirable past, or failed attempt like good conscience that just came and went. "THIS IS THE ARTIST I HAVE WAITED FOR MY WHOLE LIFE" Is what i said. The one who is gonna change the way people think and bring back feeling and love to making ALL KINDS OF music. Build the future with the gift you have, and keep given all of us the ONE VOICE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AS TRUTH... The ONE artist that has the ducks lined up no matter what they try and cover up.. you are the best, Never stop, US FANS WILL BE YOUR VEST. thats whats up Sincerely, ME.. US -Lupe, never change what you came here to do.. your an inspiration to a lot of people and thats the truth, now get back to the booth and let loose
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Hello my name is Raygivenson Saintil and I am a true fan of Lupe Fiasco! From Food and Liquor to The Cool Lupe keeps exceeding my expectations as a fan. Thanks for the real music. But I was wondering does Lupe support causes?My brother has been dealing with Epilepsy for the past 24 years of his life and it has affected me greatly. I'm starting a campaign to help fund research for a cure for Epilepsy. I'm currently working on a project for a cure for epilepsy seizures and I was curious to know if "F N F" or Atlantic records in general supports causes? In the United States alone there are about three million people living with a detrimental disorder called Epilepsy.I'm reaching out to my favorite artist to hopefully help voice this campaign. I've quit my job and sold my car to help start this company and campaign, so my dedication to this project is unbelievable but I can't stand to see this disorder take away so much from me anylonger. I have a 501 c (3) that's asking if you would support the cure for epilepsy by even being an Ambassador for this campaign. If you would like to help with this please let me know. Sincerely, Ray Saintil (A loyal Fan)
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JOHNEG your a dumbass its called a sample modest mouse got paid you dumb slut
kaka702's picture

@johneg did you really just make an account just to hate on lupe? thats sad.
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nice job ripping off modest mouse's "float on" song. To pay you back, I'm going to download your album for free and make a bunch of copies to give away. Later, thief.
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does modest mouse know you stole their "float on" song"?
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How much did you pay ESPN to play your songs ad nauseum?
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Hey lupe, is there anyway i can get the official paragraph that you used as ur wallpaper on this site?
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Happy Birthday Lupe! Can't wait until the album drops because I'm gettin it. Mos def.
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ladies and gentleman and what u want need to be on the album. lupe is the best rapper and some of his songs that leaked only were snippets the world want the full thing now
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I'm a student at Dwyer High School, one of the four high schools in palm beach county in the running for the in-school concert on the 23rd. For the contest we have made a video promoting the concert and telling kids all over D-Block to vote putting it on our school-wide broadcast. This is the video.
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Keep it real for all those locked in the basement on the grave shift whos tryin not to leave bodies on the pavement
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Hello, I sewer I’m not asking for a hand out just a chance to buy tickets to the show! Hi my name is Jennifer Rodriguez. The reason for my message is I found out that you are coming to do a privet show here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know this is the million and one times that you have heard this but I am your biggest fan ever! I tried to drive to out to see you in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Café but on the way they my car broke down and I missed the show. I still have the ticket stubs form that show. That was the worst day ever. I have been waiting until you came back to Arizona so that I could see you. I love your music and all of the messages that you send. You are real hip-hop you talk about true life. I could honestly say that your cd is the only one that I have spent my own money to buy at a store. I have been trying to find a way to buy tickets for you Lasers and Roses show here in Scottsdale but I could only get them from Power 98.3 there is NO WAY form me to buy them. I want tickets to your show I have been posing it up on Facebook that I will pay anyone that wins tickets so that I could buy them. Is there anyway that I could buy tickets for you or anyone? Anyway I could get in to that show. I’m not asking for a hand out I will pay. I don’t care if I’m in the back in the corner or in the last sit I just want to be there for the show. It would be the best day ever if I could go!! Thank you so much for reading this message. Sincerely, Lupe fan on Facebook and on Jennifer Rodriguez
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Lupe!! Can you please do something about how it is 19+ only for Webster Hall for your release performance on March 7? I'm 18 and a couple friends and I got tickets to your concert before seeing that it's only for 19 and over. We were so excited to come down and see you, and now we are just trying to see if there is any way we can still go! Even if we end up not being able to come, I wish you the best of luck with the album and all your shows. You're the best.
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Lupe, God bless you and your efforts, your courage, for your attempts to reveal the truth--the real truth. The actuality of what happened 9/11, 2001 needs to be common knowledge, for treason shant be tolerated and the U.S. government needs to be exposed. We are to be wary of our government, yet we support it wholy. I hope that the hip-hop industry picks up the facts you are so courageously laying out--though you aren't the first. It'd be so wonderful to change the face of the "rap game", into knowledge, into self-sufficientcy, into real struggle between art and love and those trying to keep us down. No longer just streets and ghettos, guns, bitches, whips, cash, but the awareness of the elite class, and their use and abuse of the black community as a whole. They are selling them short and giving them mere money for selling their athleticism and style and most of all their birthright. There's a bigger picture, and it's time to stop living comfortably and revolt, search for the answers and hate the RIGHT people--not the ones they make us believe we should hate. Again, thank you SO much--so much--for spreading the good seeds. REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDUSTRY FIASCO!
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@Moonsta - Please e-mail for support with your order.
Moonsta's picture

Hey what is your customer support number? I accidently pre-ordered visa instead of mastercard. Will the system know that its a mastercard number?
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Hey Lupe, I work as an art director for an indy print magazine based in Toronto, Canada called The Mosaik Project. I would like to know if there is an official press kit for print publishers interested in promoting the new album. You reach us at Thanks.
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hey my name is eugene, i am an avid listener and supporter of Mohammed. I have been dying for the chance to see my idle and inspiration for a long time. After i saw he was going on tour, i have hoped he will go to atlanta, Georgia. Please have him stop bye, i am his biggest fan.
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What up Lupe, i want to ask how many songz are gonna be on the album?
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I like the new site layout
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Hi Lupe, My name is Tamer Shaaban and I am the one who has been making the viral videos for the Egyptian revolution that have been going around. I would just like to notify you that I will be using your newest song for my video. I'm using it to inform the world about the revolution. I will reference you. I just wanted to let you know in advance. Thank you for your time. -Tamer Shaaban
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I'm looking forward to the new album and I want to know the best way to buy it to make sure the most of my money gets back to Lupe and not the companies.
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I think 9/11 was an inside job i find it hard to believe to planes can bring down a tower
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If I wanted to work under Lupe Fiasco as an apprentice what would be the steps i would have to take in order to achieve my goal. i can be reached Facebook:Ricardo El Bromisto Williams and HERE :) LAZERS MARCH 8th two days before my birthday. SHEESH!!!! FNF UUUUPPP!!!
E4gle25's picture

Don't agree on all lyrics on "Words I never said" I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job although the U.S profited of the Middle east since then. Anyways Just wanted to say I can't wait for LASERS to come out!!! FnF Up!!!!!
Hijabiii Noorah's picture

Would Lupe ever do a show for a high school or college? How would I ever be able to organize something, or how can I book him? Money, and business wise. Please contact me back on here or
TheBartell's picture

Come home please Lu!!!!!! Chicago misses you!!!! You're new single Words I Never Said goes hard btw man. #realshit
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