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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Lupe WebCrew's picture
on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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got 2 questions #1 i hurd theirs a book club by lupe what about were and how many books ? and is it just in the states or uk as well ? #2 is their a lasers tour for the uk or are screwed XD ?
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oh and people check this video out its pretty crazy how mad these 'deals' get
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soulreaver yeah i got the same thing man i have nooo clue what the hell it is :S u dont think its just notifications from the site however some ones puting up a bug or virus ? cuzs theirs a similar thing on msn were u have people adding u and if u accept its just a fake account that basicly getts you yto go on a site or give your details out ect ect
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Hey I just got a weird e-mail from asking me to respond to them with my email personally. What gives is this email really from real? Or could it be some sort of scheme? The email said to respond to ( ) anyone got this email also?
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Lupe man, I'm supporting you from holland. You're inspiring me to pick up the mic again man, and do the same thing you're doing. Make the world a better place. Peace You should never step off your mission.
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Come Home Lu, Harvey World Thornton's Finest. We behind you 1000%! Hold it down, Vise Grips...
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Salam brutha Wasalu, u gotta do a concert in Canada ! inshallah you can make some time in your busy schedule ;)
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@SWIFT FINGERS @BOB.BEE.BUZZ Thanks for the heads up. That member has been banned. -Lupe Fiasco WebCrew
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As Salaamulaikum Just a reminder that I am waiting to hear back about a possible interview for Dubai and Abu Dhabi fans. further reading at
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I think an off topic section in the forum would be great. Things can be discussed from deep thought to what someone ate for breakfast, but the community can feel more connected to each other and encourage more people to join
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yeah. i got it, too's picture

yo iz anyone else gettin that desmond2000 reply? shit is kinda weird!!'s picture

just found out what lasers stands for( i think!!) but i love the concept......ill cop a squat on you talent have nots ill flow i got i rock like a i-roc dreams of big stages and parties that are outrageous quotable like tha source page is basic i live on the incline wit this rhyme im fine tha male version of a dime spit more barz like i committed a crime check ya watch its my time!
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hey check out desmond2000. that user's some kind of bug... aint cool. fnf stay up
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In my opinion you should have a post once a week or once pr month, with questions from the fans. So lupe can answer what people wondering on. And really, you should come to tr.heim in norway, if i had money, i have booked you tonight!
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lol real need to branch out to Michigan, people up here starving and although you hear this from everywhere: Good music is what you will find in Michigan; if my group was based in Detroit we'd get no play because nobody wants to hear the intellectual side of the music in the poverty stricken metropolitan areas surrounding Detroit a place where the main focus is getting money and fucking bitches.....finding venues to perform at are tough here with few artist coming from home based michigan the outlets here are our own...being from Detroit hustle is a must and you know the position of an up and coming artist!/jahnithekydquest
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I Need A Pastor I Kno Im A Bastard But also So bashful Look at My shoes niggaz don't know what to do They don't have they try to make my balls blu but im already blackballed fuck yall nigga im to hard get rid of like lice ichy motha fuckas like the niggas outside trigga finga Im that nigga Who is Blessed im obsessed wit success Lust for women only becuz what on their chest See My poppa's a mess He found out that life is just a test you also get results It is All his fault Respect the struggle dawg
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Lupe You Need to Actually Find A way to populize.If you Don't get money Try For Best rapper Ever Better than Nas,Jay-z,Prodigy and Be Eqivelent to 2pac Help A young black male grow we'll forget soulja boy gucci but theres a person who u can relate 2 who has the same problems will always be remember.Speak your mind even if unesscary
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Yo Lupe please come out to upstate new york your my favorite artist of all time and i really wanna see you live you have a big following up here!
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these days there are few things that give me a reason or a will to live. the top and most important reason being for God. I aint talking about some freemasonry god or the architect of the universe shit. Im talking about the one and only Jesus Christ and God we can ALWAYS find in solidarity. Another reason is because of people like yourself. Sure we are all much less than perfect but in the end it is the way you made us feel that we remember. when I listen to your music and read/understand your lyrics I feel at peace for a moment. I feel as if someone actually is out there on the battlefield fighting for what they know is right and cant . The whole illuminati agenda and plan in many ways comes down to a battle of the mind. Ive always been an extroverted outgoing kid but ever since my depression Ive changed. I started seeing the world in a new light and for what is really happening. I cant stand how our world is heading in the wrong decaying direction. It seems like im completely surrounded to people blind to the illuminati. I wont ever give up fighting the good fight and I hope you wont either. Also, I hate all of this shit about black and white...I thought we had gotten over that already. If anything I feel oppressed by what some black people stereotype me as: some rich ass, power hungry, supremicist. If they only knew the love and respect I had for them. All Ive ever seen skin color as is a outward recognition or representation of the culture from which we come from; degrading in no sense whatsoever. But there are people out there who try to ignore that fact. I am in no manner a whangsta. Im just your average white kid who happens to like what a certain lupe fiasco has to say. if you ever want to talk to a fellow brother of the white skin type Im here haha but I highly doubt you'll ever read this comment. Thank you Wasalu Muhammad Jaco for sticking up and never backing down. Please dont ever give up just as I will always try as well.'s picture

fav song it hurts me so fav verse second verse on "fighters" have lost grandfather, girlfriend, and best friend this past year or 2 and that shit really reminds me of them. although they life ended 2 soon i always have that song to remind me of them!!!! peace n luv n hip hop's picture

orginal gifted sick i spit wit whit to mix shot tha gift this aint it got plenty more bars that cause scars handle tha mic wit caution u been warned the best is my norm wacness i cant practice flip words like gymnastics--FFFFANTASTIC!!!** 614 stand UP** much love to lupe cant wait till lasers BEAMIN-to stores!!! ears need some of that real thoughtful fill ur soul up make u smile and change the world flow that you got lupe!!! peace n luv n hip hop
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you one of the realest out there keep on doing you. I can't imagine life with out your music its legit you and Nas are the truth.
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Nice bars on both singles...can't wait for L.A.S.E.R.S...
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The game needs you.....
MentallyAdequate's picture

The show goes on is official Lu!! Keep it up and ill def keep listenin.... FnF up!
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hi lupe, I really enjoy your music, and i listen to it pretty much everyday. keep up your good work and good luck! Energy Medicine
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Lupe does really well with a non-negative dark tracks for some reason. Best song-number 17 on "The Cool" Best Verse- Everybody Nose remix Favorite single-Superstar Check out his new artist