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where da fuck is lasers SHIT.....

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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    Y must they fuck with us like this im ready to take sum action damn this sum bull.who been waiting since 2008 when he talk about working on his 3 album

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on June 01, 2010

Y must they fuck with us like this im ready to take sum action damn this sum bull.who been waiting since 2008 when he talk about working on his 3 album

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Detox=Lasers=Health Care Bill haha
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I know we're all agitated regarding with the date of the releasing of the new Lupe album. We all know that he's busy with some tour going on and he's also having some problem with the recording company. Lets all just wait for it to be release and be sure to buy it.
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Lupe recently said at a concert that I was at that the album is finished, it's just tied up with the record company. Don't blame him, blame music business politics. SN: I am dying waiting too though
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The longer you wait the better the album. True fans could indure the wait. Just Saying...
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fuck patients and virtue lol
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i cant wait either bruh but patients is a virtue
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I think the smartest thing to do is wait for the CD and stop complaining. Lupe will let it drop when he is ready. Until then, complaining is only going to make you want it all the more.
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Naw I think they want to be hoes .n fuck with us
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Nah they are holdin it till Lupe "accidentally" dies or is shot or something to get more sales
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what do you mean Mike?
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I agree. I've been waiting for this album since 08 when it was goin be the triple cd set. I wish he could release it independently somehow.
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Record labels make music, not artists. Lasers will come out when the people that are higher than Atlantic (not Atlantic records themselves) feel Lupe is playing their game. Until that happens, he will be continued to be signed and stuck on a shelf.
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No mike plz don't say that kus who gives a fuck bout detox we talking bout lasers here
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It's a conundrum in life... Dr. Evil can never get his sharks with laser beams on their heads, and Lupe fans will never get Lasers. I am easy saying I am content with Lupe retiring. Also, at this point Lasers is a hip-hop urban legend just like Detox.
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I needed that shit 2 months ago, I was hyped as hell back then.
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Dude. What action are you gonna take? Seriously, there are some good albums around and the old stuff. I'm sure you could still stumble on new stuff in the mixtapes.
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Good thing I only became a Lupe fan Around September. I can't imagine waiting since 2008 for Lasers
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IDK he posted that he's in the studio few days ago on his facebook.
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i agree...its bs. he talks about it 2008 and then says it will be here in december of 09 and here we are at the start of summer still waiting. i know it may not be all on lupe and its the record label but i mean c'mon. its getting ridiculous. when 'i'm beamin' came out i thought we might be getting close to a release date but i guess not. somebody needs to wake up and at least get a release date set up so we at least have a set day to look forward to cjones out
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it's on point.