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Lupe's buddy, Kanye, finally puts out a new track

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wow...the co op is underrated
ExposingTheWicked's picture this one is OKAY also ;)
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1. download this song (freeware: youtbe to mp3) 2. burn it on a cd 3. buy a moderd getto blaster 4. go to the beach 5. bump this song enjoi
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Play it loud with the bass up I can see it being a summer hit, if he decides to mkae it that. About 3 hours after it was out on 2dbz, they were playing it in the co op
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they have a remastered version of the song out there online. it sounds so much better. i think kanye came back hard with "power"
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maybe its just me but personally I'm not really feeling the song that much.
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not gay - bi
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You insinuating that Lupe and Kanye are gay lovers malik? HUH? 'Buddy'...
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kanye's had help producing on all of his albums. can't say what i think cause i'm holding out for the mastered, official release. if nianja doesn't like the verse, that probably means it's a great verse that i can look forward to hearing.
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Why when people can rap and produce do they get a producer? produce your own songs, its much better, especially if your production is better than your verses *cough* kanye *cough*
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And it needs to be polished. Beat kinda overpowers the vocals a bit too much.
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Beats dope. Kanye's forgettable. He didn't even produce it either. Symbolyc One of Strange Fruit Project did.
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it's not was leaked on kanyelive...some members on there have had it for a few days already.
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It's just me and my friend or it's sumthin' wrong with the master? I can't hear what he's saying properly the beat is too loud/similar to his voice.