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Vote "PAST MY SHADES" as B.o.B's next single!!!!!

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on May 15, 2010
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I love lupe's lyrics to this song. I say it all day. "I tip the scales like the king of the south Forgot that I was fat, I lost my way but now I'm back looking for the shades I sought and not Wonders, Scot Summers so don't make me take off my stunnas Bobby Ray you know you got my numbers and them deer(there) can't see us like hunters, ey!"
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what's radio?
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You guys suck. Dont you want Lupe to be on the radio?
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HELL FUCKING NO! Everytime I listen to magic I die... lol I can turn on high school musical or... I dont know but NOT MAGIC FUCKING JESUS CHRIST!!! I voted don't let me fall cause I like it more than past my shades IDK why but past my shades gets boring after a while.
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I voted magic - and if whoever makes the decision want to make some money, they will choose that too.
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dis is a great lyrical song!!
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how bout no...