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JC Fans - Japanese Cartoon Logo?????

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on May 02, 2010

Quick question for all the JC Fans.......... on the JC Logo what does the (I'm assuming japanese) writing say on the logo????  The words on the top and bottom of the cool lookin dude smilin back at ya. Was just wondering if anyone could read it since I can't read Japanese.... Yet.

here is a copy of the logo in this link....


Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay! lol
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Ok I'm back with some funny news everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my Sister run the logo past her Japanese Professor and according to her it says.................. "JAPANESE CARTOON" - it is written in the Katakana Style of writing... the other translation posted earlier may have been roughly and wrongly symbol translated from the Hiragana Style... So even though I was wishing maybe it had a cool meaning it is just "JAPANESE CARTOON" although there is what she thought to be an error in the writing.... the little circle above the 3rd symbol in the top line didn't make sense to her. so there's an answer for a Japanese Professor.
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Thanks for the help I'm gonna run it past some Japanese speakers tomorrow!! I'll come back with an answer!!
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That's what I was thinking too and does anyone know when the album of JC is coming out?
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i dude a whileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ago posted something similar . i think he said it meant. "in the jaw of the lords of death" but im not to sure