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Two new Lupe tracks!!!

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on April 25, 2010
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I heard that "Love Letter to the Beat" was supposed to be on Alicia Keys' album, but it got scrapped. Which is good, because if you think of it as an Alicia song instead of a Lupe song, it's pretty decent.
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Herd "Love Letter To The Beat" is a song recorded in 07? why use a 3 year old song for Lasers? Hope he at least spit some new verses on it.......... must be a bonus track
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dang yall are impatient, chill out with the leaks or half leaks for a little while... dang... lol ...
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Both are good. Both seem unfinished, hopin if Love Letter is on LASERS that it gets an extra verse or 2.
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horn synth is good - got the mp3 which is 2 mins long until it cuts out. dont like love letter. love letters are for woofters anyway
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nice im subscribing,
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dont know if both is on lasers or not