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R.I.P. Guru of Gang Starr

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on April 20, 2010

Peace Guru, you will be missed.


Let's get some Gang Starr in this thread. I'll start



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I'm not really familar on the situation other than reading a while ago about it on an (unofficial?) premo blog, an reading that link, but After reading i feel it's just morally sick - if they cant press chrages against him in court I hope no-one works with or talks to that man ever again
martin.gee's picture Man, fuck Solar. Like seriously.
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Apparently he had cancer... I never realized what was going on with him until now. Sucks.
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FUCK :( ETW u should feel bad now... This is,.. crap. Something's fishy about Solar
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i didn't realise he had died...last thing i heard was that he was recovering from surgery. r.i.p.
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i never really listened to gang starr much before - always meant to
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Damn it !!! R.I.P Guru, R.I.P The Legend, R.I.P Keith Elam. What a fucking day :(