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Favorite Lupe Song off a mixtape?

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on March 25, 2010

My favorite mixtape tracks would probably be Switch, Handcuffs, Glory or Twilight Zone.

What bout you guys?

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I can't narrow it down from each mixtape but right now I'm definitely feelin TURNT UP off of Enemy of the State. Some mad lyrics in that joint.
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Wow it's really hard to narrow it down to just four. I mean all of the song have such meaning. hmmm... I'd say "Say Something, Switch, Mean and Vicious, and Happy Industries." altho i can put so much more on that last. is there an "all of the above" option?? lol
nIANja909's picture

Ooh Glory Handcuffs Comin From Where I'm From & Absolutely Fiasco
FlowerChild24's picture

The National Anthem from Enemy of the State: A Love Story.
Vicodin_2's picture

Popular Demand! Just Lupe stealin a solid beat with outstanding lyrics is pure awesome!ness
akidnamedmarcus's picture

Ooh switch the champ is here mean & vicious lupe the killer heat under the baby seat yoga flame thank you boss playa say something the national anthem fast money and ima stop right here lol
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And you can be my starchaser tonight Don't be afraid of how fast you go You can see as far as lasers and lights close your eyes and let it all go (Meet me in outerspace) Let the good times roll (I will hold you close)
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pen & the needlez is the best Lupe song ever made... how do u beat "MY SWING IT COULDNT BE SEEN, I APPLY SOME PAINT TO IT...." ...must i go on ...shits scares the bajesus out of me when i hear it, lol
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the best mixtape in the world is Charles Hamilton- ít's charles hamilton ;)
DeePhenom's picture

Glory Failure Pen & The Needlz Twilight Zone Mean & Vicious (No Particular Order)
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Switch and Yoga Flame LOL (the title is sooo hot)
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ExposingTheWicked's picture Can't reverse sickest lupe song so farrr.....
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First off, i wouldnt wanna have to answer this question to save my life. It's that tough of a question. But if it's limited to four, then i'll say Failure, Handcuffs, Dead Presidents freestyle, & Say Something freestyle. Chizz is right, though, cuz it's almost impossible to choose only ONE favorite song or verse or line from Lupe...especially for us diehard Lupe fans out there (or for any diehard fan of any artist).
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switch, happy industries, popular demand, or Lupe The Killer...itz so hard to narrow it down to four, let alone choose just one.
tigersforlife6767's picture

Yoga Flame, Popular Demand, Conflict Diamonds, and Switch. All those are the shit. Keep Hip-hop real. With rappers like lupe!
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lu myself it speaks 4 itself " what am i a manwich b\ i got big mac if u want a sandwich G pure genuis but i love switch that experiment gets a A+++ lol-ampologist fnf up