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    December 08, 2009

    Support all the hot new releases in stores today! Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse, Timbaland and Gucci Mane. All great albums. Which ones are you getting?

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on December 08, 2009

Support all the hot new releases in stores today! Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse, Timbaland and Gucci Mane. All great albums. Which ones are you getting?


JDM180's picture

Gucci Mane is garbage. I don't support someone who would hit a woman. Timbaland has a record with Miley Cirus on there so I am gonna pass on that one too. I'll check the Clipse out. Maybe snoop's too.
nIANja909's picture

lolz. "Hot" "Great" Yo, is you guys really so desperate you need to be promotin all this garbage on your own site. Or do you guys just really have that terrible of musical taste?
OverDose of Passion's picture

OverDose of Passion's picture

Lol, Gucci Mane is a joke. He can't rap, he has no flow, his lyricism is awful, and is jokes aren't funny. The Clipse is pretty good...Speak of Freedom is great, I love Malice's soliloquy to his critics at the end ("Do I entertain you, motherfucker?? Well, dance then, BITCH!!")
Gramitoz's picture

Everrrybody gotta get that Clipse! Fire as always
esai.'s picture

so Shock Value II is a pass? that's unfortunate, i enjoyed the first one.
thecoolestgurl's picture

i wont be getting any of those. im over cb. gucci is wack to me, clipse never caught my ear and timbaland last album SVI was tight, but this new one is so weak its wrong. he got one good joint...oh i mean two. ' say something' and ' the one i love' and those songs have drake and keri hilson. so i wont be getting any of them lol
mikevee's picture

im sorry, i dont think gucci mane can be considered to have a "great album"
CoolcalmCollective's picture

Gucci mans music is basically everything every other rapper talks about i do not like his music i think of him along with other artists to be a worthless commodity to the idustry
firmfiasco's picture

Lupe is on Graffiti on the track called "Girlfriend",
702City's picture

Don't really listen to Brown. Gotta go with Clipse. I still listen to some of his old tracks. Don't really listen to Snoop's new shit. Gucci is a joke, period. Timbaland doing his thing, got respect for him in the game. All I really want is Lasers!
Garcia's picture

Crystal_3's picture

I want to check out The Clipse, Timbaland, and maybe Chris Brown. I haven't felt Gucci Mane since the beginning and I'm no really into Snoop Dogg. I'm really waiting for LASERS though...
LizzieHead's picture

Til the Casket Drops for sure, Clipse is so underrated by most when they are soo hott! I am putting Tim's disc on my Christmas list, nothing I've heard leaked off that has overly impressed me yet so it can wait.
J-Poetic's picture

Timbaland & Snoop are the only two out that list id give a listen to
adothouse's picture

This stuff is all pop-fluff. I'm waiting for Lasers.
TheCool_8's picture

I'll just wait for Lasers
jobeezy103's picture

ppl recognize clipse as one of the realest right now(lupe is also included of course)
speedstar's picture

I will support all of them by listening to them on youtube. But I will deff buy Lasers next year.
KimoTh3rapy's picture

ill probably listen to malice in wonderland, but nothing worth buying.
CheckPlz's picture

nothing worth "buying"
FilipinoRonin's picture

see this is why Lupe was smart moving the new album next year...I like all the albums..but I want Lasers the most...Lupe's rapping style is different it sounds so old school. Lupe watch out for the new Drake album next year haha...Master the new album! Like the song Mastered! Lupe has been around so long...people just forgot for a second...wait till the new album comes.
twistisking's picture

Not... all of them are pretty garbage...
rasheed's picture

nothing worth leaving the crib for...
LakeShow's picture

prolly clipse now, snoop and gucci later...
Jackpot's picture

Prolly Pick up The Clipse album - "I'm Good" is the Cut. Plus Gucci is Whack, and jus not a fan of snoop like that although his R&G CD was pretty good.
trvsdms's picture

Gucci Mane is whack, so not him. I might get Snoop's and The Clipse's sometime, though.

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