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on March 18, 2010

Test Your Lupe Quote Memory With This Fun Quiz!!!

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you used to fiend on the old fnfarmy board titilope lol.
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10/10. I kept typing Love Fall Down instead of Angels and totally guessed the Touch the Sky verse. It was too easy.
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i got 10 out of 10. which shocked me, 'cause i didn't even know i was that much of a stan.
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i got 8 out of ten i dont listen to goldwatch like that it got me
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ya. i appreciate the quiz man, let us know when the next one is up!
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No positive male role model to play football and build railroad models. Sigh* gets me every time I hear it.
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8/10 Fun quiz!
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if only i could spell angels.....
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Hey fam! Thanks for taking time out to take this lil quiz I made. Yea Seppy I thought that was on of the easiest and most memorable quote. I feel you Acirema, I tried to use more recent and kinda easy quotes, the next quiz I make is gonna have some real throwback lines...
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i'm a little sad Daydreamin' is the most missed
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that test has none of hiss olddddddd stuff witch is pretty dope stuff