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Best Lupe Quotables/Bars

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on February 25, 2010

What Are some of the bars lupe has said that was just Crazy!!!!!

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I love the Lord, But sometimes it's like that I love me more I love the peace And I love the war I love the seas and I love the shore No love for no beach baby, that's law But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil I trip, I fall run up and raw. I love her, with all my heart Every vein, every vessel, every bullet lodged With every flower that I ever took apart She said - that she would give me greatness, status, placement above the others My face would grace covers of the magazines of the hustlers Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams The purpose of our scene, The obscene obsession for the bling She would be my queen, I could be her king Together, she would make me cool and we would both rule, forever, And I would never feel pain and never be without pleasure, ever, again And if the rain stops, And everything's dry she would cry Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes She'll teach me how to fly Even cushion my fall If my engines ever stall and I plummet from the sky But she will keep me high And if I ever die She would comission my image on her bosom To him Or maybe she'd retire as well A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell and I'll be... The coolest niggah... what :The Coolest
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"Just imagine an American biased Christian organization planning to poison water supplies to bring the second coming quicker"American Terrorist... Do yall understand the knowledge this man attains? Lu has potential to be the greatest...when ever he feels like breaking the wall down...
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"So I'm forced to keep the gun up in the drawers/ and a... vest tight like a woman with some balls/ Pause. Never..."
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" tell you that dimes fly baby girls a fine price all I see is money when I look inside this dimes eye life’s a b-tch I’ll be rich if I make her cry tears of tissue turns to money if you let it dry increase my worth if she get hurt I’ll make a fortune if she dies " (( this goeees : Oh Yeah . Diggy simmons ft Lupe and Pharrell ))
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"Momma said beware of what the Devil do tell'em that your soul's not for sale like the W's So go ahead and pirate the highest cannons make you leak like pirating my sh*t It's not shhh, it's just shhh like quiet..." -Pressure They said my future was dark, you see me now? Just look around, I'm beamin' (We are lasers) They used to talk when I wasn't around You see me now? I'm beamin' (We're not losers) I get my energy from my inner G I be in outer space, but I got inner peace So tell my enemies that they can't injure me I know that irritates, you have my sympathies Well, you should protest, yeah, you should picket me I'm on a losing strike, I'm on a winning streak I'm out in left field, I'm speaking mentally But that's a better places than where the benches be -Im Beamin' Nigga wake up, don't join the army Kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminatis and they ain't even real, or are they? But you ain't even know, cuz you partay too fuckin much, if you start to doubt they already in yo mind, and comin' out yo mouth Its not a trick, nigga, it's a trap Survival of the fit, is what they aiming at And niggas aint fit, fat as hell! Fat in mind, body fat aswell Who use most the drugs? Americans! Whats in Afghanistan? heroin! You think thats by mistake? They cant stop dat? Don't think you safe though, because you not black Greed is colorblind, so I'm colorblind They gon' fuck with yours soon as they done with mine -Building Minds Faster Some of the truest verses he said.
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My man said life aint easy when niggas gotta eat thats when shit get greasy Streets be all like feed me feed me when niggas gotta eat thats when shit get greasy My man said life aint easy when niggas gotta eat thats when shit get greasy **** Hey he had a whole lotta cheese plus he was a mac had a whole lotta seeds Made alot of niggas fat gave a whole lotta G's, grams man he had a whole lotta dese **** -"Gotta Eat" in The Cool You gotta lot of money, I ain't tryna be funny But they say where you goin, you ain't even gon need it -"The Die" in The Cool He just sits, and listens to the people in the boxes Everything he hears he absorbs and adopts it "The Instrumental" in Food and Liquor ...And most of the other bars mentioned by the others.
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"For everywhere I go, though, they be throwin' salt there " -16 mic check
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Semi Colon, Closed parenthesis ;)
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i push ki like dragonball zzzz you see what im saiyan-free chilly freestyle
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i push ki like dragonball zzzzz you see what im saiyan
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get my energy from my inner G I be in outer space, but I got inner peace- am beaming Childhood destroyed, devoid of all childish ways, Can't write their own names or read the words on their own graves Think you gangster popped a few rounds, These kids will come through and murder a whole town, Then sit back and smoke and watch it burn down, The grave gets deeper the further we go down - little weapon clear the project runway coz this is were my rocket lands - say something if am from a hood were the good die young hun then we all might live forever - proceed "I want you to be a father He's your little boy and you don't even bother Like "brother" without the R And he's starting to harbor Cool and food for thought But for you he's a starver - he say she say Angels remix
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"...see the most important parts are the ones that are unseen, the wings dont make you fly and the? crown dont make you king..." Gold Watch
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Switch. You you you, yes let the words woo you till you woozy. Let the lyrics subdue you, massage and sooth you, move you till conscience lose you. Lu now rules you, you do what Lu do and you'll do beautiful. Switch. I'm the meanest. You the meanest? I'm the meanest and I mean this. now I don't mean this to sound fiendish, but I'm a genious. You a genious? And the cleanest. Never seen this as clean as my cleanest. From on top, from underneath, from behind or in between. the whole switch free style his best rhymes so far
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"I do my dirt like Kwame (earth from captain planet), until that same soil being pushed into my grave, but i'm so ahead of my time the next day they might strike oil where i've been laid homie i'm so crude Texas Tea haters is so screwed, but i can't feel it like a flathead in a philiips don't get it twisted n**** i'm no tool" -Lupe the killer on the Fahrenheit 1st and 15th II: Revenge of the Nerds (in my view his best song)
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"Big bang flow, spitting out uni-verses" -Unkle feat Lupe Fiasco, (forgot the name of the song)- "I blackout like DOS" -Lupe Fiasco, Dead Presidents Freestyle- "Drop lines like Enter" -Lupe Fiasco, 1st and 15th- "N***** tryna take me off my paper like erasers, let me put you onto something, all I got is the other end for them..." -Lupe Fiasco, 1st and 15th-
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"Leave you crying in pain, What I gotta scream for(FORE), holds 9 IRONS while I'm DRIVING THE RANGE, You talk like I fold or something, Like I don't flip BIRDIES(drugs) hold EAGLES(desert eagle) and wont put a HOLE IN ONE." -Lupe Fiasco, Diddy Freestyle- "You don't stand a chance, matter fact you don't have half the stance to stand if you stood half the chance, like C-H-A..." -Lupe Fiasco, 8 mile Freestyle- "No Longer G now you can see(C) me, But your letters(lettuce) still under my sea like seaweed," -Lupe Fiasco, Say Something Freestyle- "I'm far from an actor homes, like a star map..." -Lupe Fiasco, Game Time- "Twice the MC like MC sqaured" -Lupe Fiasco, The Champ is here- "I was about as uncool as a niece's mother's biggest brother" -Lupe Fiasco, Fire- -The whole of "Failure". -His whole verse in Kanye West's "Touch the sky".
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"I donate to the campus and my name's on the arenas, and you cant bring it to my court not even with subpoenas"- national anthem "shadow flow, colder than punxsutawney phil is. my mind's on dope, my brain's on skillets"- so ghetto
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i be on my green like irish spring, and i coast fudge wit it get a mouth full of soap...-sunshine i reign/rain supreme... turn ur umbrellas upside down... did u even catch the change in theme?- failure "be clear in not the heir/air, im the water, fire and the earth... that means im doin dirt, spittin flames, and quenchin thirst." polular demand ... and i just looked at the say somethin lryics online cuz i couldnt remember this one line i heard in my car... and ummm... my minds blown thats all i gotta say... shit is fuckingggg rawwww lupes the king
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Catch me at the ball with a Cinderella waltzing not wonders, Scott Summers so don't make me take off my stunnas now your just him no longer the trend they dress in you wonderin were all the press went you no longer impress them get arrested paparazzi will press then even scuba Steve will find it hard to breathe around these leagues my snorkel is a tuba, Lu the ruler around these seas
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See, I couldn't walk the walk, couldn't really talk the talk Had to get my talk to properly explain my walk 'Cause this lack in talk had my walk looking off Now I'm over the limp Watch how they mugs drop when they see my Verbal's able -->Lupe Faisco, Failure
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"Man I really miss my pops, hope that God watches over him and that he's on top, that there is no more disease and that he's alright, that he's one of the general's inside the army of the light...I know we'll meet again so its never me against the world." --> Lupe Fiasco, Fighters "I hope that God forgive us, all of us sinners turn us back into beginners, put us up where the winners go, Holy apartments in the gardens in which the rivers flow, thank you for all your blessings and all of your miracles." --> Lupe Fiasco, Fighters "And babygirl what does it matter where ya purse from, your hair done, your nails did, your ass phat, but your dumb." --> Lupe Fiasco, I'm Beamin "Well I'm like 10 11 been fighting since I was like 6 or 7." --> Lupe Fiasco, Little Weapon "Woken up by the horn of an SUV I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep" --> Lupe Fiasco, Sunshine "And in my flyness, I've become the hero and the sidekick, The rider and the nigga that I arrive with." --> Lupe Fiasco, High Definition "I'm trying to go public so I can get to private, then send Busy to go and get the pirates Then hit Africa and try to fix the Virus...Dressed in something so fresh and wonderful F-N-F and S-N double O-P" --> Lupe Fiasco, High Definition "I turn to see my dream Love supreme queen, meanest thing on the scene, cry." --> Lupe Fiasco, Paris, Tokyo "David Blaine, make it rain, make a boat, I make a plane, then, I pull the plug and I make it drain Until I feel like flowing and filling it up again.." --> Lupe Fiasco, Dumb it down " Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I ain't dumb down nothin." --> Lupe Fiasco, Dumb it down
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EXPOSINGTHEWICKED refrain from using retarded to mean stupid please. but i guess we just have different beliefs man
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all u haters with ur hands iur ears its okay cuz later it will sneak up on u like its metal gear put u in a choke hold and then unconciously you'll care
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vv didn't finish the last line!
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See, while you Valentines, I'm thinking Christmas trees And that's how this would be, even at Mickey D's Semicolon, close parentheses- im beamin im made from the best of earth like snapple tea mac standing round a bunch of pcs...-say something remix I Could Be Working At Jewels, Chain Snatching, Jerking Ya Jewels, Homeless, Working For Food, I Might Be Cleaning Ya Pool, Teaching Ya School, Preaching To Fools, Leaching, Smoking Weed To Be Cool At DMV's Holding Lines Up, A Whine Duck In Line Ups, Who Times Up Full Of Holes In A Whole In A Fine Tux, Out On Parole, Out Of Control, Holden Ya Dime Up I Could Be Lazy Sitting On Your Couch Or I Could Be Crazy Cussin Pidgeons -- coulda been Catch me I'm balling, catch me I'm balling Catch me like Spalding, catch me like Rawlings If he indeed the MC Invite him in/vitamin like GNC Can't see me like BIG on CMT Did a little bit of time on BMG But this right here homie, this all me Can you be down? Nah, nigga C.M.B. That's cold, that ain't nice G So what though? Little homie remind me of Ice-T By the way we share the same birthday The word play is work but pimping- a bathing harry
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seppy ur retarded to belive that your vote makes sense
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His reason for not voting may have something to do with his Islamic upbringing and the treatment of muslims in this country today.. noppe... he does not belive in the politics... becouse their ruled by illuminati ecty
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I stack my paper and throw off my cents This is top flo', better look out below Pennies from heaven is the same as a semi from the second And I reign supreme Turn your umbrellas upside down Did you even catch the change in theme? -FAILURE- I would put it down but i cant due to the glue that i use the fuse everything together well i spilled some on my hands and God Damn i might have to carry this forever Well im crazy to the game till they bury me insane -MEAN AND VICIOUS- And if the rain stops, And everything's dry she would cry Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes She'll teach me how to fly Even cushion my fall If my engines ever stall and I plummet from the sky -THE COOLEST-
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"I told her, Fire-breathing dragon, he best not harm me, or he'll be sorry when he meets my one man army." -Sunshinee "Never met her before. But i think i like her like a metaphor. Shes hard to get." -Sunshinee "Woken up by the horn of an SUV I said "see, too beautiful to let you sleep" -Sunshinee "Momma said beware of what the devil do Tell 'em that your soul's not for sale like the W's" -Presuree "And in my flyness I've become the hero and the sidekick The rider and the nigga that I ride with" -Hi-Definition "Once caught her changing her batteries in her halo, Receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for, And the address to the factory where they made those" -Streets On Fire "As gas fills the room and rockets destroy everything around him, He stands to find himself surround by thousands of soldiers that his once trained to never miss their targets.Heartless" - Hello/Goodbye "How Old? Well im like 10 - 11. Been fightin' since i was like 6 or 7" - Little Weapon "With AK-47's that they shootin' into heave like they're tryin to kill the Jetsons" - Little Weapon "So they pulled out and robbed him with the same gun they shot him with. Put it to his head and said "You scared ain't ya?" He said: "Hustler for death. No heaven for a gangsta." -The Cool "Better believe most of us wanna leave, the furthest we went was outta our minds. But we still here" -Coming From Where I'm From "The older brother of the drug game. The give of fame, the take-awayer of lame" -Conflict Diamonds "How you going to school me when I grew up with your teachers" - The National Anthem "I ain't the hottest nigga out. I got that fire though, you gone have to send you hottest nigga out" -Pop Pop "A trained German Shepard that barks when it's angered to watch my possessions and look out for the strangers." -US Placers The Whole Song: Hurt Me Soul The Instrumental He Say She Say DayDreamin' Hip-Hop Saved My Life Put You On Game Streets Fire Fighters Angels