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Lasers Tracklist!!

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    says: (17 Feb '10)

    Anyone who knows anything of the Lasers Tracklist or Producer List Please Comment!

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on February 17, 2010

Anyone who knows anything of the Lasers Tracklist or Producer List Please Comment!

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Letting go is 01- because it's a great song, my favorite one of the album, true listener since 08
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Been waiting for this Album. Lupe is going to set the foundation. for generations to come.
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01 – Letting Go feat. Sarah Green 02 – Words I Never Said feat. Skylar Grey 03 – Till I Get There 04 – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now feat. MDMA 05 – Out Of My Head feat. Trey Songz 06 – The Show Goes On 07 – Beautiful Lasers (Two Ways) feat. MDMA 08 – Coming Up feat. MDMA 09 – State Run Radio feat. Matt Mahaffey 10 – Break The Chain feat. Eric Turner & Sway 11 – All Black Everything 12 – Never Forget You feat. John Legend 13 – I’m Beamin’ (Bonus) (The Neptunes) 14 – Shining Down (Bonus)
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ur an asshole...i thought this was gonna be the actual track list inside
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That sucks Shining Down was taken off. I loved it.
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Everytime i hear about a new song that is going to be on lasers it gets harder and harder to not look it up. People should just wait for the CD that's how Lupe wants it. o doubt he wants his whole CD put up on youtube ripped from concert snippets before it comes out of Be like me and go see him APRIL 13 in DC hahahahaha now for something random: I GOT MY JAPANESE CARTOON HOODIE IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY !!!!!!!!!!
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Whatttt! Shining down is an amazing song
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I think its State Run Radio
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Beautiful Lasers I'm Beamin State Crime Radio Scream Army Girl What U Want Ladies & Gentlemen I hope Shining Down is a bonus track
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confirmed songs: I'm Beaming What U Want Ladies & Gentlemen Army Girl Beautiful Lasers Radio State Crime Scream Shining Down was taken off due to it not doing well on the billboard charts.
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its called beautiful lasers not 2ways lol look it up on you tube
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I Think lupe Played Half the album tonight.....LUPE @ Enmore Syd...was doubt he is the best there is....Alot of the album is very different but in an awesome way....I'm speechless.....
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Confirmed Producers: King David, Soundtrakk, Danjahandz, 1500 or Nothin', The Neptunes. Confirmed Features: B.o.B, Kenna, Candi Pye, Pooh Bear and Matthew Santos
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obviously kenna on what you want
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AS far as 2 ways goes I heard it was getting taken off Bone Thugs because they wanted it to be mostly them, with a few exceptions. Like Twista and Tech in Speed of Sound. Not sure how much truth is in that though.
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I heard that 2 Ways is the song that Lupe did with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on their upcoming album. But either way, it definitely seems like it'll be a great song.
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Pressure isnt 2 Ways on it?
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All I've Found So far Is: Army Girl Ladies & Gentlemen Shining Down ft Matthew Santos I'm Beaming Prod by Neptunes What You Want Ft Kenna? Please Correct If this is wrong & if there are any additions of Songs, Producers or Artists!