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Lets All Go Dominate J.Cole...'s Forum

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on February 12, 2010


"It's just started, n*ggaaaaa's.."

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Nah, them boards look worse than these...
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etw: how "about" you "learn" to use "quote" marks?
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First of all, its a slightly more expensive PS3, and i think its quite ironic for you to make that statement.. "is that what you do in freetime? "Dominate" peoples board"
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Your lack of an actual profile picture of yourself? FAIL Lack of meaningful supportive non-sarcastic comments on your threads? FAIL X2 The Fact that you spend time writing all these threads, knowing that nobody's interested, and then go on other people's threads for useless purposes other than being acknowledged after being rejected by your father and father? Priceless..
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I'm no Ian.. that's what we need..
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naa, let's not.
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you got one post. if you're gonna start a movement lead by example.