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El Diablo / Baphomet Hand Sign

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on February 03, 2010

seen several times lupe doing it...


I Don't know what to say about.. alot of people call it "hail satan" or "hail baphomet"
I don't think lupe hasthis meaning attached to it?

how bout you guys? what does el diablo sign mean to ya'll do you all do it reguraly?


I myself, whould never do this pulicly as most people attach this to be "hail this or that"


[this sign is done by allmost every hiphop "star" and allmost in every video clip.\]


Also it's pretty weird that a rapper does this... like every rapper does it now and then.. to me it's totally not hiphop.

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still Truth , Reality Is Independent Of The Numbers Of People Who Acknowledge It
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last time i checked that hand gesture meant " rock on" ....
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Spiderman is associated with the devil? noooooo lol.
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lol everyone's doin it and it does not have any fixed meanings out there
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and? worst thing that's gonna happen is they get cramp in their hand
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LM_WFC, when celebrities do it, it rubs off on kids. Regardless of whether Jack Black is taken "seriously". Today's ignorant youth will follow along like sheep.
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Truth , Reality Is Independent Of The Numbers Of People Who Acknowledge It
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lol - taking jack black seriously
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Bro, everyone is doing it. Look at Jay-Z on the Black Album cover or in Forever Young video or On To The Next One video. Lil Wayne's done it on a few mixtape covers/magazine covers. Look at Lupe's new video for Beaming. Look at Drake's video for 'It's Over' Look at Jeezy's new video for "Lose My Mind" Look at the MTV VMAs 2009, Jack Black said "Everyone let's take a moment to honor Satan, let me see your devil horns" There are numerous pictures of world leaders like Bush, Clinton, Obama all doing it. Look at those videos closely, freezeframe them if you can Why are they all making the same gesture? They all are showing their allegiance to Satan. Open your eyes.