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Most underated lupe song.

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    says: (12 Jan '10)

    Well for me ...ima do it like this ima take one form F&L and one from The Cool and one from his Mixtapes.


    From F&L it has to be Just Might Be Ok. (one of his best)

    The Cool ima  go with Hi-Definition.

    From his mixtape ima go wit You Me Him and Her freestyle.

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on January 12, 2010

Well for me ...ima do it like this ima take one form F&L and one from The Cool and one from his Mixtapes.


From F&L it has to be Just Might Be Ok. (one of his best)

The Cool ima  go with Hi-Definition.

From his mixtape ima go wit You Me Him and Her freestyle.

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The Instrumental, hurt me soul, the coolest, glory, kick push P2, conflict diamonds
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i dig all those....but ima go with american terrorist and the die....and the instrumental!!!!!
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well i have to say his most underated song is ANS HE GETS THE GIRL i mean it was a short song but he put in a nerdy way how to get a girl lus he told a story like a younger version of slick rick hes nice
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Hurt Me Soul Without a doubt one of the top songs off F&L Street On FIRE from The Cool Simply Lu At His Best Mixtape Game has several but most notably... I Dont Feel So Good Off A Rhyming Ape Jedi Mind Tricks Off Fahrenheit 1st/15th Part II:Revenge Of The Nerds. And THE MOST Underrated Lupe Song I must say is SWITCH(The Science Project) It Shows Lupe's Versatility and Ability. But All Of Lupe's Library Is Equally Appreciated On My Hard Drive Feel Me.
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The Emperors Soundtrack by far is his most underappreciated song, it hits hard from go to end
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The Dopeboy song he did over T.R.O.Y. is often overlooked. That little track has quotables for days. Fast Money is also a personal favorite of mine.
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just might be ok, streets on fire, hurt me soul, i gotcha
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Food and liquor: The emperors soundtrack The Cool: The Coolest MIxtapes: hmmm...Outty 5000(Touch the Sky) and A Bathing Harry(A Rhyming Ape)
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Man i would have to say From F&L i say American Terrorist From the Cool i say Intruder Alert and From mix tapes i say turnt up
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Hmmmmmmm this is a though question forreal For F&L ill have to say The Emperors Soundtrack From The Cool I think its a tie with The Coolest and The Die From mixtapes ill say Switch But overrall I think Lupe is very underrated and hes slept super hard. People really dont think hes nice even though he can rap circles around alot of people in the game now. Lupe All Day. FNF UP!!!!
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I am. But I'm also bored of revision.
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LM you must be bored to be even trying to argue with this guy...
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you exposed yourself as someone who neds to grow up. a) you seem to idolise lupe fiasco, a self professed nerd, and you spend hours looking up conspiracy theories on the internet. quite nerdy youself b) You got me - I am white. I'm so ashamed that you've found out.
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EVEN lupe? my god. Lupe was also heavily influenced by nas who you laughed at being better. Just cos lu likes them doesn't mean that they're the gold standard. And why are you trying to sound like you know him better calling him by his middle name? everyone knows about 2pac, we've all been through that stage, listened to all his songs, watched his interviews, read about his life. Don't act like it's not common knowledge. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and accept he was human and had faults like everyone else.
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thug life = the hate u gave little infants fucks everyone. I think you'll find that was an acronym created after thug life, and the word thug is technically and originally meant a violent rough person, 2pac created his own meaning of the word to show the otherside of the stroy (which i'm not denying exists) his biggest song was called i get around. it encourages promiscuality, which you seem to call out other rappers and people for. and violence? "Alla y'all motherfuckers, fuck you die slow motherfucker My fo'-fo' make sure all y'all kids don't grow You motherfuckers can't be us or see us We the motherfuckin Thug Life ridahs WEESSSSSSTSIIIIIDE till we die! Out here in California Nigga we warn ya we'll bomb on you motherfuckers" I don't have a problem with pac btw, just your hypocrisy. And also - if 2pac better for stuff other than music, how does that make him a better rapper? If we include stuff other than musc why not just include gandhi and mandela?
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Failure, Proper, Game Time, Steady Mobbin, or Glory
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wether you think dumb it down is underated or overated, failure is definately better, and less rated. therefore, by undeniable logic, dumbit down cannot be the most underated song. and for someone who thinks they're so holier than thou, 2pac? half of his songs were promoting violence and 'thug life'. grow up
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F&L I have to go with The Emperor's Soundtrack. The Cool I have to go with Go Baby. Mixtape I have to go with Thank You off A Love Story. Jay-z Remix is the best.
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definitely US Placers
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Billie on point, I hate intruder alert but it's a good song. I just don't like it. The most overrated track is Superstar though, can't stand it. I like Ooh, doesn't get that much light but flow is reminiscent of biggie, wordplay x3 every bar, solid track.. and haha at lupe > nas...oh man..
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"make sure you get a T-Shirt" is the most underrated song
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intruder alert...
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"they put people like jay-z or nas above lupe fiasco (LMAO)." "The only one that comes above Lupe is tupac, not becouse of his music but other stuff...." Just shut up, sir.
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failure>dumb it down fact.
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Put You On Game